How to Reset Character Level in The First Descendant

The First Descendant offers numerous powerful characters to unlock, and reaching the highest level doesn’t have to mark the end of your adventure with that Descendant. You can reset their rank and begin the grind once more.

The system functions similarly to the Prestige feature in Call of Duty, but with the added bonus of keeping all of your weapons and skills. However, in order to fully optimize a character and unlock their maximum potential, it is essential to utilize this feature.

Therefore, the method for resetting your character to level 1 in the First Descendant is as follows.

Prestige Guide

To Prestige in The First Descendant, you must use a Crystallization Catalyst on any Module Socket. Keep in mind that this feature is only accessible once you have reached Mastery Level 7.

Resetting your level on that particular character to Rank 1 will result in halving the capacity cost of any Modules that fall under your chosen Module Socket Type as a tradeoff.

Below is a step-by-step guide:

  1. Open up the main menu.
  2. Select the ‘Inventory’ tab.
  3. Click on ‘Descendant Module.’
  4. Select ‘Module Additional Settings.’
  5. Hit ‘Assign Module Type.’
  6. Pick the slot you want to upgrade and the type you want to assign to it.
  7. Finish by selecting ‘Apply Socket Type’ to spend your Crystallization Catalyst.
Arrow pointing to Module Additional Settings in The First Descendant
Nexon Games

Resetting your Rank is vital if you want to improve your build.

After completing these steps, the capacity of any Module in the selected slot that matches the type chosen in step six will be reduced by half. This is indicated by the symbol located in the center of the Module Socket.

Remember that you can also apply this technique to your weapons, which will decrease the capacity of specific Modules but reset the gun’s Rank to its initial level.

Upgrading your modules with a Crystallization Catalyst allows you to significantly enhance the buffs they provide. When you apply the catalyst to multiple Sockets on one character, you will be able to create incredibly strong builds that would not have been possible without exceeding the capacity limit. This offers the advantage of being able to achieve even greater power.

Crystallization Catalyst Guide for The First Descendant

Obtaining a Crystallization Catalyst can be done by either researching it with Anais or receiving it as a random drop. However, the chances of obtaining it through regular loot are minimal, making it more reliable to opt for the Research method to ensure you acquire this crucial item.

To conduct your research, locate Anais in Albion and navigate to the Enhancement Material section of the menu. Here, you will require the following items:

  • Gold (187,500)
  • Murky Energy Residue (8)
  • Macromolecule Biogel (22)
  • Mixed Energy Residue (8)
  • Advanced Neural Circuit (18)
  • Crystallization Catalyst Blueprint (1)
Crystallization Catalyst in The First Descendant
Nexon Games

You can Research this item by heading to Anais.

Fortunately, acquiring these resources is a relatively simple task as they primarily involve defeating specific enemies in designated regions. According to the in-game Research Request menu, it should take approximately seven and a half hours to gather all the necessary materials for crafting just one item.

Although it is completely optional, Prestiging and resetting a character’s Rank is highly recommended if you wish to fully optimize your build. However, if you prefer, you can also use your time to unlock all the other Descendants and their Ultimate variants, or earn currency to acquire more skins for them.

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