New Details Emerge About BLACKPINK Lisa & Rosé’s Highly Anticipated Reunion

Despite being reunited, BLINKs are still paying close attention to specific details regarding BLACKPINK members Lisa and Rosé.

The online community was delighted on July 7, 2024 when BLACKPINK’s Lisa released a dance challenge video for her latest single “ROCKSTAR”featuring her best friend and fellow member Rosé. This was their first joint appearance since their reunion at Buckingham Palace in late 2023, causing a wave of excitement among their devoted fans, known as BLINKs.

@lalalalisa_m “@ROSé ♬ Rockstar (Sped Up) – LISA

In a mere two hours after it was uploaded, the video on Lisa’s TikTok channel amassed three million views and one million likes. The 12-second clip featured Lisa and Rosé dancing to a sped-up version of “ROCKSTAR.”

Despite dancing a little, Rosé dedicated most of her time to hugging her best friend Lisa. This special moment brought back memories for fans of when the two had performed Lisa’s “LALISA”dance challenge three years ago.

@roses_are_rosie Chaelisa Love Me @bp_tiktok ♬ LALISA – 리사 (LISA)

Despite the long period of time they had been apart, Rosé couldn’t resist the chance to hug her fellow BLACKPINK member! Fans who support the Chaelisa duo were ecstatic, watching the clip repeatedly. They shared their longing to see the two close friends together again.

Moreover, it didn’t go unnoticed by fans that Lisa and Rosé had recorded their dance challenge at Lisa’s mansion in Beverly Hills, Los Angeles. Additionally, Lisa gifted Rosé with the highly sought-after Labubu Macaron toy from Pop Mart, capturing the moment on camera.

This caused a mix of excitement and anxiety among hardcore Labubu fans, as Lisa’s previous involvement with the toy had led to it being sold out in the past. It is believed that with Rosé’s participation in the collection, it will become even more desirable and difficult to obtain.

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Lisa recently revealed her highly-anticipated solo comeback single “ROCKSTAR”on June 28. This marks her first solo release since her debut with “LALISA”in 2021, and also serves as her inaugural release under her newly founded label, LLOUD. Furthermore, it signifies her first collaboration with RCA Records.

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