Guide to Defeating the Jagged Peak Drakes in Elden Ring: Shadow of the Erdtree

Ascending to the summit of Jagged Peak Mountain, you will be presented with the opportunity to engage in a fierce battle with the fearsome Jagged Peak Drake dragons. Keep in mind, this is by no means mandatory and you can choose to proceed directly to face Bayle the Dread. Although this boss is not crucial to the main plot, defeating it will grant you valuable rewards.

There are a total of three Jagged Peak Drakes, but one of them does not drop any resources or weapons. The dragon is capable of dealing both fire and lightning damage. If you have already faced bosses such as the Flying Dragon Agheel, Flying Dragon Greyll, and Ghostflame Dragon, this battle should be easy since they use similar basic attacks.

Where is the Jagged Peak?

The Jagged Peak is easily identifiable on the map, located to the southern side of the Gravesite Plain.

To reach the Castle Front Site of Grace, you will need to cross the Ellac Greatbridge. From there, continue south along the main path, passing by a camp of Messmer Soldiers. After a short while, you will come across a Site of Grace. Take the path to the right, where you will find a man in great distress.

Ellac Greatbridge
Ellac Greatbridge | Source: In-Game Screenshot

Pass by him and stay alert as an Ancient Dragon-Man may strike. Once you have vanquished him, continue down the road and you will arrive at the entrance of the Dragon’s Pit.

To find the key to slaying a dragon, enter the building and search for a spacious room with a pit and a chalice. Descend into the pit and engage in a crucial battle against another Ancient Dragon-Man, who will reward you with the Dragon-Hunter’s Great Katana.

Upon vanquishing him, exit the dungeon and the Jagged Peak looms before you, towering in its presence.

Jagged Peak
Jagged Peak | Source: In-Game Screenshot

How to beat a Jagged Peak Drake?

Defeating a Jagged Peak Drake can be done quite easily. All you need is a powerful build, which includes the Dragon-Hunter’s Great Katana, and summon your reliable companion, Torrent.

Dragon-Hunter’s Great Katana
Dragon-Hunter’s Great Katana | Source: In-Game Screenshot

By riding on top of Torrent, you can effortlessly move between its legs and traverse great distances to avoid an incoming attack.

The dragon in Elden Ring exhibits similar attacks to those seen in the game, but also introduces some new moves. One particularly dangerous move is the summoning of lightning, however, this can be effectively evaded by using Torrent.

How to beat a Jagged Peak Drake?
How to beat a Jagged Peak Drake? | Source: In-Game Screenshot

The dragon may also make a charging attack, lunging forward in an attempt to bite you. In order to avoid this, it is important to carefully time your dodges.

The brief intervals between attacks are precious. Therefore, take advantage of them by utilizing Colossal/Bleed weapons to cause damage. It is recommended to target one of the creature’s legs and continue striking until it weakens.

How to beat a Jagged Peak Drake?
How to beat a Jagged Peak Drake? | Source: In-Game Screenshot

If possible, you can also aim for the head, which will result in significant damage. Therefore, remember to target the legs, head, and tail.

Despite its lack of HP, the Jagged Peak Drake will soon succumb to your attacks and be defeated, as you break its dominant stance.


Jagged Peak Drake Boss Fight
Jagged Peak Drake Boss Fight | Source: In-Game Screenshot

Here is the reward for defeating a Jagged Peak Drake:

  • 90,000 Runes
  • Dragon Heart

At the Dragon Communion, trade in the Dragon Heart for a potent Incantation centered around dragons.

About Elden Ring

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