New Connection Revealed in One Piece Chapter 1120

The latest chapter of the One Piece manga, Chapter 1120, has revealed that a character has a surprising connection to Luffy, marking the return of the manga after a brief hiatus.

The message of Vegapunk continues to be a prominent theme in the One Piece manga, with the scientist divulging numerous startling revelations about the history of the world. The ongoing battle against the Gorosei remains at the forefront, as the rest of the world strives to comprehend Vegapunk’s motives.

One Piece Chapter 1120, which was released after a one-week hiatus, is full of exciting lore for fans. Caution: This article contains spoilers for the upcoming One Piece Chapter 1120!

Based on the leaked information, One Piece Chapter 1120 will include a short flashback where Professor Clover discloses that he too shares the secret initial ‘D.’ He previously held the position of director at Ohara Library and spearheaded the investigation into the mysterious Void Century.

Despite being killed by the Gorosei before they destroyed the entire island to conceal the secrets of the past, Clover’s connection to Luffy has been confirmed. As members of the ‘D’ clan are all linked by fate, Professor Clover is no exception and shares a connection with Luffy.

After reading a fan’s comment, it becomes clear that Clover being a D makes perfect sense. It’s surprising that this idea didn’t occur to me before. He was the one who spearheaded the investigation into the World Government and even went as far as to expose one of their most well-kept secrets. Furthermore, he was a pirate before his involvement in the Ohara research.

“It is believed that Clover was a member of the D clan, which may have given him the courage to research the void century and Poneglyphs. Unlike many other D clan members who died smiling, it is speculated that Clover may have been an exception, although there is no way to confirm this since his face was never revealed. This was shared by another Twitter user.”

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