Guide to Rocket Raccoon in Marvel Rivals: Abilities, Ultimate, Tips, and More

The closed beta for Marvel Rival’s second wave of early access is quickly approaching. Therefore, here is everything you should know about one of the game’s top Strategists, Rocket Raccoon.

For Strategists, the key is providing support to your team in any way possible. This can include healing, giving buffs, or even using crowd control to help your teammates defeat enemies.

Rocket Raccoon is known as one of the top Strategists in the game, thanks to their kit specifically designed to benefit the entire squad.

Rocket Raccoon’s Weapons in Marvel Rivals

Rocket Raccoon possesses uncomplicated weapons, consisting of a basic firearm as his primary method of attack and a healing projectile as his secondary. These are the primary means by which he inflicts damage and restores health to the character.


Barrage Mode

  • Fire energy projectiles that deal damage

Maintenance Mode

  • Shoot bouncing spheres to heal allies

Rocket Raccoon’s Abilities in Marvel Rivals

Rocket Raccoon’s kit is designed to assist your team, whether it be through the use of a revive beacon or providing an AOE damage buff. Additionally, his team-up abilities with specific characters showcase his strategic prowess, making him a valuable asset to any team.


Untamed Scramble

  • Hold [space] to run on a wall

The person is known as a “Flying Ace”.

  • Hold [space] to fall slowly

Skills and Abilities

Jetpack Dash

Jetpack Dash is a fast-paced action game where players must use their jetpacks to navigate through obstacles and reach the finish line. With intuitive controls and challenging levels, Jetpack Dash is sure to keep players entertained for hours on end.

  • Dash forward

The acronym B.R.B stands for Battle Rebirth Beacon.

  • Deploy a Rebirth Beacon that revives a fallen ally and periodically produces armor packs and rocket jet packs


The acronym C.Y.A stands for Cosmic Yarn Amplifier.

  • Deploy a Cosmic Yarn Amplifier that grants allies a Damage Boost
Marvel Rivals Rocket Raccoon using ult

Rocket Raccoon’s C.Y.A is a fantastic ult, just as long it doesn’t get destroyed

Team-up Abilities

Longtime Companions

  • Rocket Raccoon can ride on Groot’s shoulders, receiving Damage reduction

The invention of ammunition.

  • Rocket Raccoon hurls an Ammo Overload Device towards the designated target. As soon as The Punisher enters the device’s range, he gains the benefits of unlimited ammunition and increased firing speed.

Tips to play Rocket Raccoon in Marvel Rivals

To effectively play Rocket Raccoon, it is important to strategically position your utility. This includes his ultimate, C.Y.A, the B.R.B, and Ammo Invention, which can all be destroyed by enemies, rendering them useless. Thus, placing them in strategic locations is crucial for maximizing their value.

Therefore, be sure to position it near corners or behind obstacles. Nevertheless, remember that your teammates must still have a clear view of it to benefit from its effects.

Rocket Raccoon’s vulnerability lies in his lack of movement abilities, making him an easy target for coordinated dives. To avoid being caught off guard, it is important to stay close to allies or be prepared to flee at a moment’s notice.

Among the Strategists, Rocket Raccoon stands out for his strong synergy with various other characters, particularly The Punisher. His capability to provide unlimited ammunition and increase his firing rate significantly enhances his effectiveness as a character, particularly if The Punisher possesses exceptional aim.

It is important to remember that while Rocket Raccoon offers great utility, his effectiveness heavily relies on your mechanical abilities. To play him successfully, you must have accurate aim and good resource management. Therefore, if you lack confidence, it is recommended to spend some time practicing before using him in a game.

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