“Gymnast Fairy” Son Yeon-jae Enjoys Weekend Outing With Her Son

On June 8th, Son Yeon-jae shared two photos on her personal social media account. One of the pictures showed her 4-month-old son sitting in a trolley, with his face covered by a sticker.

son yeon jae

In a different photo, Son Yeon-jae can be seen sporting a casual T-shirt and medium-length jeans, showcasing her long and impressive legs. Along with her friends, she posed for a memorable photo at a bustling square, with a big smile on her face.

son son yeon jae

Upon seeing her update, netizens expressed their amazement, commenting, “Did the people there really get to meet Son Yeon-jae?”and “I wonder where I should live to have the opportunity to take a walk in a place like that.”Others praised her, saying “She looks fantastic”and “It seems like she’s really enjoying her marriage.”

In 2022, Son Yeon-jae married a man who works in the finance field and is 9 years her senior. In February of this year, she welcomed the birth of her son.

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