Gypsy Rose Blanchard: Life After Lockup series slammed for recycling footage

Several viewers experienced deja vu while watching the premiere episode of Gypsy Rose Blanchard: Life After Lockup, and they were not the only ones.

Despite her release from prison, Gypsy Rose Blanchard has not shied away from the public eye. She has actively sought attention, such as reaching out to Stranger Things actress Millie Bobby Brown to portray her in a film and making a surprise appearance on Season 5 of The Kardashians. It is clear that she is eager to continue making her mark in the spotlight.

The truth is, she recently started a new venture: a reality TV show titled Gypsy Rose Blanchard: Life After Lockup.

The focus of the Lifetime show is on her readjustment to life outside of bars and the obstacles she faces along the way, such as drama in her marriage and a potential pregnancy scare.

The first episode was published on June 3, and for those curious as to why it feels so recognizable, this is the reason.

On June 5, Reddit was flooded with confused viewers who collectively expressed their confusion about the premiere. They couldn’t help but question why it felt like they had already watched it before.

As it turns out, they had indeed done so. Lifetime released a multipart documentary titled The Prison Confessions of Gypsy Rose Blanchard earlier this year.

The documentary had a striking resemblance to the advertised premise of the new show. It focused on Gypsy as she reminisced about her past and shared her aspirations for the future.

Despite being pulled from the documentary, a significant portion of the first episode of Life After Lockup remained unchanged and used the same footage.

Upon this realization, viewers began to criticize the new series for its deceptive content.

Despite having backed out of the show twice, one fan was determined to watch the new one. However, they were disappointed and felt that it was a complete waste of time.

Another viewer also joined in and commented, “They used up a whole episode and there are only eight of them.”

Soon, viewers will be able to determine if the upcoming episodes will feature the same controversial content as the premiere.

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