Han Hyo-joo, Lee Se-young’s Melodramas, Ok Taec-yeon’s BL Drama and More: The Rise of Romance Projects between Korea and Japan

Following the success of actor Chae Jong-hyup’s drama “Eye Love You”on Japanese TV network TBS, Han Hyo-joo and Lee Se-young have also joined the trend of “Korea-Japan Romance,”garnering much attention.

Kentaro Sakaguchi Lee Se Young

Last month, Lee Se-young completed filming for “What Comes After Love,”a Coupang Play production that stars Japanese actor Kentaro Sakaguchi. The plot centers around Hong (played by Lee Se-young) who crosses paths with her former Japanese boyfriend in Korea five years after their breakup in Japan, where she attended university. With its status as a best-selling novel and Sakaguchi’s first project in Korea, the drama has garnered high anticipation from Japanese fans.

romantic anonymous

Currently, Han Hyo-joo is busy with the filming of the Japanese Netflix drama “Romantic Anonymous.”Collaborating with renowned Japanese actor Oguri Shun, Han takes on the role of a talented chocolatier who has a fear of eyes. Through her interactions with Shun’s character, the owner of a chocolate shop, Han’s character slowly begins to open up. While the production is primarily managed by a Korean team, the direction of Sho Tsukikawa, known for his successful film “I Want to Eat Your Pancakes,”is expected to infuse a distinct Japanese emotional ambiance into the project.

Takuya Terada

Moreover, in the newly released film “The Daechi Scandal,”Japanese actor Takuya Terada portrays the role of a university friend who has harbored a long-time affection for the main character, played by Ahn So-hee. Similarly, in the Netflix series “Can Love Be Translated?”Fukush Sota takes on the lead role alongside Kim Seon-ho and Go Yoon-jung. Additionally, 2PM member Ok Taek-yeon stars in a romantic storyline with Hayato Isomura in the Japanese Netflix BL drama “Soulmate.”

ok taec yeon

In an interview with Japanese pop culture media outlet Model Press, producer Keisuke Nakajima discussed his role in creating “Eye Love You,”which features Chae Jong-hyup in the lead role. He noted that while there have been one-time dramas in the past with actors of different nationalities, it is uncommon to see ongoing efforts to produce such dramas. Nakajima explained that the growing popularity of Korean dramas among Japanese fans has led to an increase in opportunities to experience Korean content in Japan.

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