HYBE accused of idea theft

The female artist stated that HYBE initially reached out to her through social media to suggest a collaboration for a company project. However, communication between the two parties abruptly stopped during the negotiation process.

Upon being asked by acquaintances and friends if she was collaborating with the company, the female artist finally noticed the similarities between her work and the design of SYNDIE8. After conducting a comparison, she was astounded by the similarities and began to suspect that HYBE had used her work without her consent.

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The female artist shares her work (photo: Kpop Life)

Feeling a mix of sadness and anger, she took to her personal page and shared screenshots of her conversation with a representative from HYBE. She explained that earlier in the year, she had been approached by H Corporation for a potential collaboration to design a virtual girl group. After providing a detailed quote and some conditions, the company suddenly stopped communicating with her. This left her feeling uneasy. Recently, HYBE announced their new virtual group and many people have been commenting on how similar the design looks to her work. Upon closer inspection, she noticed that the third image shared by others bears a strong resemblance to her original draft. While her drawing style is influenced by various sources, she finds it highly unlikely that this is a mere coincidence.


Upon discovering the similarities between HYBE’s new virtual idol group and an artist’s style, the online community was abuzz with questions about the company’s working methods. This is not the first time that HYBE has faced accusations of plagiarism, which only added fuel to the fire. The comments left by users ranged from criticism towards the company’s actions, stating that “A big company shouldn’t behave like this,”to questioning if this was their “secret to success.”Many expressed disappointment towards HYBE’s supposed cunningness and disregard for intellectual property. As a result, numerous comments condemned the company managing BTS.

At present, HYBE has not given any feedback in regards to this matter.

Reference: K14

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