Secret Behind BLACKPINK Lisa’s MV Rockstar

The solo comeback of the youngest member of the BLACKPINK group, Lisa, with her latest project MV ROCKSTAR, has been generating the most buzz in the music industry. While the MV was filmed in her home country of Thailand, featuring popular locations and a large cast, it was Lisa’s announcement that caught the attention of global fans. In order to keep the ROCKSTAR project a surprise, Lisa ensured strict confidentiality among the actors, preventing any information from being leaked.

25th Runner-Up of Miss Tiffany Universe Thailand reveals contract used alias MONA instead of Lisa’s name

There are three transgender beauties featured in the ROCKSTAR MV, including Bruze Kachi-Sarah, who was the 25th runner-up at Miss Tiffany Universe Thailand, a pageant specifically for transgender individuals in Thailand.

The woman stated that she took part in the casting as she normally would, and the production team informed her that it was a project by a renowned artist known as MONA. She further explained that their contract was signed under the name MONA, and although she attempted to research the artist, she found no relevant results. A search for ‘artist MONA’ only yielded results for the Mona Lisa painting, leaving her completely unaware of the true identity of this artist.

Bruze Kachi Sarah
Miss Tiffany Universe Thailand 25th runner-up reveals contract to participate in Lisa’s MV ROCKSTAR under the alias MONA

In addition, she recounted the MV shooting experience with Lisa, stating, “During the rehearsal set with the dancers, MONA’s identity remained a mystery until Lisa arrived. We were all taken aback and left speechless. Lisa’s superstar presence is truly extraordinary.”

I was honored to be a part of an exceptional professional team. The filming session lasted for 13 hours straight, from 5 pm to 7 am the following day. Lisa showed incredible stamina and remained energetic throughout the entire process, even while dancing until 7 am. Despite the long hours, her movements remained precise and sharp. During breaks, Lisa would sit a meter away from us. I couldn’t help but tell her, “Lisa, you are even more stunning in person.”

lisa blackpink
Actors in the MV revealed Lisa danced continuously for 13 hours from 5 pm to 7 am the next day

According to transgender beauty Gee Rinniya, Lisa was also known by the alias MONA on set.

Despite the fact that all actors were aware of the true identity of the MONA artist when they appeared, Lisa was still referred to as “MONA”in order to give everyone time to adjust. Transgender beauty Gee Rinniya revealed that the project had been kept under wraps with no details leaked. Initially, Gee considered withdrawing from the project, but was encouraged by their friend Bruze to stay. The contract stated that the artist’s name was MONA, and even on set, the crew referred to her as such. Gee expressed their excitement about being a part of the project, being a longtime fan of Lisa. They even had a close encounter with Lisa, causing them to question if it was really her.

lisa blackpink
To maintain confidentiality, Lisa was also called MONA on set

Dancers and Their Families Required to Keep MV Information Confidential

A total of 100 dancers took part in the production of the MV ROCKSTAR, which also featured Neoi, the daughter of a renowned football player from the Thai national team. When asked about Neoi’s involvement in Lisa’s MV, the footballer shared that the production team had approached his daughter for the project. However, no details were revealed about the artist. Neoi successfully passed the casting and was chosen as one of the dancers. Instead of providing a melody or music sheet, the team taught the dancers how to count steps and allowed them to practice at home.

On the day of the shoot, the girl spent two full days on set practicing and filming. The film crew confiscated all mobile phones and instructed us to keep information about the product confidential. Neoi even refused to reveal her role to me (laughs).

Neoi – dancer in MV ROCKSTAR is the daughter of a player from the Thai national team
Lisa MV rockstar
All dancers’ mobile phones were confiscated to ensure complete confidentiality of the MV’s images

The original source is K14.

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