Helldivers 2 Developer: Arrowhead Considering Test Server

Despite Helldivers 2 becoming the fastest-selling PlayStation title of all time with over 12 million sales in just 12 weeks, there have been some heated discussions surrounding the game in recent weeks. However, the developers have taken action, implementing a series of “mid”patch updates to address the issues.

The director of Helldivers 2 has stated that Arrowhead Game Studios is contemplating implementing a “test server”in response to the backlash from players. The community has voiced their concerns regarding the recent weapon nerfs, a sentiment that has been acknowledged by the director.

On the Helldivers 2 official Discord server, a user inquired with a community manager from Arrowhead about the potential for a test server. The user expressed interest in testing out new weapons and Stratagems and suggested that the test server could function as a beta test for players to try out upcoming features before their official release.

In response to the previous inquiry, Twinbeard, the community manager, confirmed that there are alternatives being discussed. However, the exact details and progress of setting them up cannot be guaranteed at this time.

Based on previous experiences, utilizing test servers can greatly assist in determining what is effective and what is not. Considering the negative reception of the recent Helldivers 2 updates, receiving feedback could greatly assist developers in identifying the source of the issue.

Baskinator, the community manager, recently posted a poll on the official Discord server, posing the question “What are your thoughts on the Polar Patriots update?”Out of the 21,000 members who participated, only 3% expressed their approval for the Warbond update.

Similar to Diablo 4, Helldivers 2 could greatly benefit from the implementation of a test server before the anticipated Season 4 update. This approach proved to be successful for Diablo 4, resulting in a highly successful update. Fans of Helldivers 2 eagerly await any announcements from the developers regarding the possibility of a test server for the game.

About Helldivers 2

Helldivers 2, released on 8 February 2024, is a third-person shooter developed by Arrowhead Game Studios and published by Sony Interactive Entertainment. It is the sequel to 2015’s top-down shooter, Helldivers, and is available for both PlayStation 5 and Windows.

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