Honkai Star Rail Version 2.2 Enemies Revealed – Profile, Skills, and More

The latest update of Honkai Star Rail, Version 2.2, introduces an array of new features, including unique characters with special abilities and skills. Among the additions is the highly anticipated 5-star character, Robin, as well as a rerun banner featuring Topaz.

Hoyoverse has revealed the latest adversaries to be featured in Honkai Star Rail for Version 2.2:

  • Insatiable Vanity
  • Past Confined and Caged
  • Present Inebriated in Revelry
  • Tomorrow in Harmonious Chords
  • The Past, Present, and Eternal Show

In Version 2.2, you can expect to encounter a variety of enemies. Here is a brief summary of each one.

Insatiable Vanity

Insatiable Vanity
Insatiable Vanity | Source: Hoyolab

A physical entity containing a specific cognition. A conglomerate made of the compiled cognition fragments in the Memory Zone. The boasting of bystanders, the clinging of the weak, the flattery of the servile…

Applies “Deception’s Crown” state to a single enemy target, removing any control effects and restoring their Toughness.

Past Confined and Caged

Past Confined and Caged | Source: Hoyolab

An artist playing the role of the prisoner in the Sweet Dreams Troupe. It should be performing in the Charmony Festival, but it is now bound by “Order” and keeps performing scenes of the “Past.”


  • The ability Cleansing Flagellation inflicts physical damage on a single enemy.
  • Reprimand to the Crowd: Inflicts slight physical damage to a single enemy and any nearby targets.
  • The Shackle-Bearing Messenger focuses on one target and goes into the “Charge”state.
  • The skill Desmios Evangelion inflicts considerable physical damage on locked targets.

Present Inebriated in Revelry

Present Inebriated in Revelry
Present Inebriated in Revelry | Source: Hoyolab

A waiter responsible for entertaining the guests in the Sweet Dreams Troupe. It should be serving in the Charmony Festival, but it is now bound by “Order” and keeps performing scenes of the “Present.”

There is a strong likelihood of causing the following on one individual opponent:

  • The Carousal of Wantoness causes Wind DMG at the beginning of every turn for a set period of time.
  • During a limited time period, the Carousal of Revelry will suffer Lightning DMG at the beginning of each turn.

Music for Tomorrow’s Harmony

Tomorrow in Harmonious Chords
Tomorrow in Harmonious Chords | Source: Hoyolab

A musician responsible for playing the harmonious tune in the Sweet Dreams Troupe. It should be playing in the Charmony Festival, but it is now bound by Order and keeps performing scenes of the “Future.”


  • All is Bright inflicts imaginary damage to a single enemy.
  • The effect of All is Calm is to impose Alien Dream on a single opponent.
  • The ability “Redeeming Grace”inflicts Imaginary DMG on a single enemy.
  • Holy Night: Activate the Charge state.
  • Sleep in Heavenly Pace causes every target to experience Alien Dream.

The Continuous Cycle of Life

The Past, Present, and Eternal Show
The Past, Present, and Eternal Show | Source: Hoyolab

The actors of the Sweet Dreams Troupe have accepted the grace of “the Order” and become puppets that declare the law. They dance under the supreme commandments, beginning a show that will welcome the coming of paradise.

Before engaging in battle, choose a friendly Impresario to gain an additional action every turn. If any “Puppet of the Order”recovers from being Weakness Broken, they will take on the role of Impresario.

You may have noticed that Honkai Star Rail will be introducing numerous new characters. These enemies are susceptible to certain element(s), giving you an advantage during battles.

About Honkai: Star Rail

Honkai: Star Rail, developed and published by HoYoverse, is an upcoming 3D role-playing video game that will be available for free. It is the second game in the Honkai series and will feature both new characters and alternate versions of existing characters from Honkai Impact 3rd.

It is a fantasy role-playing video game in which has players control one of up to four characters, which make up a team. Elements of open-world and dungeon exploration are present, with focus being on turn-based strategic combat.

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