Hilarious fan video reimagines The Bear as an unnerving psychological horror game

The Bear is already known as one of the most anxiety-inducing programs on television, but what if it also had a terrifying video game adaptation?

After the conclusion of Season 3 of The Bear, fans eagerly await for more, especially after the suspenseful finale. For those who cannot bear the wait, a new fan-made video envisions what a potential The Bear video game could entail.

X user Michael Kandel uploaded a video to social media, depicting a reimagined version of The Bear as a tense psychological horror game.

Despite selecting No Rush mode, the fictitious player character in the video continues to satirize the fast-paced nature of the show, while also utilizing its tense and introspective drama to drive the narrative forward.

The brief video concludes with a surprise as a peaceful moment inside the freezer abruptly turns into mayhem. The Bear becomes overrun with feral dogs, causing Richie to give the player a gun for a first-person shooter level that ends tragically before returning to its absurd tone.

The concept is certainly intriguing, as the characters alternate between worrying about each other and panicking while attempting to cook even the simplest of dishes, providing some comedic relief.

The video has also been well received by fans on social media. In fact, one fan was deeply affected by the game’s intense pacing, expressing, “I have been completely transformed in just five minutes and thirty-seven seconds.”

One fan commented, “Although I haven’t seen The Bear, I believe this is exactly how it is.”Another shared, “Sadly, this will be stuck in my mind forever.”

Kandel and animator Jim Miciak, known collectively as Hotel Art Thief, have created multiple satire videos, not limited to just video games. Their work also includes a parody video that humorously critiques the world of modern dating apps.

The third season of The Bear is now available for streaming on Hulu and Disney Plus. We have also provided an explanation of the phrase “keep the spoon”and an introduction to The French Laundry. Be sure to explore other new television shows being released this month as well.

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