The Bear Season 3: Disproving a Popular Fan Theory

One of the prevailing theories among fans of The Bear was that Carmy’s most traumatizing mentor was not a real person. However, the third season of the show has dispelled this speculation. (Warning: spoilers for The Bear Season 3 ahead!)

Throughout The Bear Season 1, it became evident that Carmy’s past experiences with his ex-mentor and boss, portrayed by Joel McHale, greatly influenced his actions and remained a source of distress. McHale’s character, known only as ‘NYC Chef’, was depicted as a verbally and emotionally abusive head chef during Carmy’s early career.

Despite his megalomaniac tendencies and relentless bullying of his staff, the TV show frequently featured flashbacks of McHale’s character and his disturbing tactics. His extreme mistreatment was even believed by some fans to be a fabricated persona rather than a genuine portrayal.

It was believed that Carmy had fabricated him in his mind as a means of self-torment, allowing him to openly voice his harshest self-criticisms. Yet, the return of McHale in The Bear Season 3 proved that he was indeed real, and that he showed no concern for Carmy’s PTSD.

In the tenth episode of Season 3 of The Bear, titled ‘Forever’, Carmy and Sydney are present at a memorial for Ever, a restaurant where Carmy previously worked. The event is attended by several renowned chefs, including the character played by Joel McHale.

The rest of the characters take notice of his presence (particularly because Carmy is unable to look away), thus verifying his existence for the audience.

“It is a relief to know that one theory was proven wrong,”commented a Reddit user. They were referring to the theory that Carmy’s abusive ex-boss was fabricated or exaggerated in her memories. Unfortunately, people like that do exist, especially in the food industry. The events described by Carmy were all too real and truly evil.

In any industry that holds power, money, and competition, it is inevitable to encounter individuals like that at the top. Unfortunately, they often manage to escape consequences for their actions.

Another person remarked that for a brief moment, they believed Luca was going to say “There’s no one there,”recalling the moment when Sydney and Luca had noticed Carmy’s intense gaze.

“There were many who claimed that it was all in Carmy’s mind, but I am relieved to see that this season has proven otherwise,”commented another user. “Chef Winger is depicted as a dominant force in his kitchen, achieving ‘perfection’ (stars) by pushing his team beyond their perceived limits. These individuals can be found in any profession.”

Despite their authenticity, there are those who argue that the flashbacks featuring Joel McHale may not be entirely trustworthy. They propose that it could be a combination of both – Carmy’s self-doubt distorting his recollections.

According to one comment, during the flashbacks in the last episode, there seemed to be a mixture of real memories and lines that were possibly Carmen’s own abusive self-talk, disguised as McHale’s voice. This observation was seen as intentional, although it could also be interpreted differently.

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