The Boys Fans Convinced Big Joe Kessler Twist is Coming in Season 4

“Fans of The Boys speculate that Season 4 of the show will unveil a major twist surrounding Joe Kessler, played by Jeffrey Dean Morgan.”

Jeffrey Dean Morgan played the role of Joe Kessler, who made his debut in Season 4 as one of Butcher’s former comrades and a contact at the CIA.

Despite not having seen each other in more than ten years, the duo promptly decided to join forces behind the scenes, with the goal of taking down Homelander more efficiently.

So far, obstacles have impeded their attempts, with Butcher making the decisive decision to abandon their plans of incapacitating Ryan and forcibly removing him from Homelander’s grasp.

However, Butcher’s collaboration with Joe Kessler is a topic of concern for fans of the TV show. Some doubt that Joe Kessler is a real person and believe he is simply a figment of Butcher’s imagination.

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After watching Season 4 Episode 5, Twitter/X user DesiNerd sparked a renewed conversation with a post. In the post, the user expressed their belief that Joe Kessler’s recent appearance confirms their suspicion that he is just a figment of Billy Butcher’s imagination in #TheBoys.

A different person in the discussion also concurred, stating that Kessler is a product of Butcher’s imagination, supported by the lack of interaction with any other character in the story.

In the past few weeks, this theory has continuously resurfaced, with a Redditor on Reddit drawing parallels between the Kessler scenes and Butcher’s imagined interactions with his late wife, Becca.

Despite being a CIA agent, it is rather suspicious that he is never interrupted by phone calls and is always available whenever his old friend requires his assistance.

The ongoing mystery surrounding Butcher’s illness caused by Compound V remains unsolved. Despite the fact that the sickness is said to be slowly killing him, it is possible that the Compound V he ingested in a desperate attempt to cure himself has resulted in unusual abilities that are yet to be understood.

Therefore, it is possible that his supposed abilities are responsible for the perceived hallucinations of Joe Kessler.

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