The Chosen Fans Support Season 4 Following Backlash Over Ramah’s Death

Despite sparking controversy once again, The Chosen Season 4’s decision to kill off Ramah has been criticized by some as one of the most “disappointing”choices in the show. However, there are fans who argue that it was a necessary and pivotal moment.

Dallas Jenkins has made it clear that he is committed to accurately adapting the events of the Gospels. In fact, his disclaimer emphasizes that all biblical and historical content, as well as artistic imagination, are carefully crafted to uphold the truth and intention of the Scriptures.

Although The Chosen’s critics have persistently scrutinized its fictionalized elements, such as Mary Magdalene’s struggle with addiction after encountering Jesus, this has not hindered its success.

The release of Season 4 Episode 3 on streaming has sparked a similar negative reaction to its initial premiere in theaters earlier this year. The episode features Ramah (Yasmine Al-Bustami), a character exclusively introduced for the series, who meets her demise at the hands of Roman magistrate Quintus.

Ramah in The Chosen
The Chosen

Despite having the ability to save her, Jesus does not heal Ramah despite being present at the time of her death. This fact, rather than her death itself, is the main issue. It raises questions as to why Jesus, who has been known to perform miracles such as resurrecting Lazarus, did not choose to help Ramah.

The show’s subreddit featured a user who referred to it as “one of the worst decisions I’ve ever seen in a TV show…it doesn’t make any sense at all.”

Another commenter added, “I agree, it doesn’t look good since it happens right before Jesus raises Lazarus and Thomas witnesses it.”

One individual pointed out that if Ramah were to die, it would either make Jesus a liar or cast doubt on whether he truly made the statement, “Whosoever liveth and believeth in me shall never die.”This statement was emphasized by a third person as evidence that Ramah’s death would be contradictory to Jesus’ words.

“A fourth individual expressed concern that individuals who have not read the Bible and are learning about Jesus through The Chosen may now question His character due to Dallas’ portrayal of Jesus as someone who plays favorites and only helps certain people.”

Jesus in The Chosen Season 4
The Chosen

Despite criticism, there are still many fans who defend the scene, arguing that it accurately portrays the challenges of having faith.

While Scripture may not explicitly mention Little James’s chronic pain and Ramah’s existence may be fictional, the reality remains that suffering is allowed by God. It is entirely plausible that Little James would not be cured and that Ramah would pass away, as this is a common occurrence permitted by God, as argued by a user on a Reddit forum discussing the TV series, “The Chosen.”

One person wrote, “While I can only speak for myself, I have come to understand that God is not similar to Santa Claus. Instead, He is more like a caring parent. We cannot expect to receive everything we ask for or desire, simply because we want it.”

Furthermore, another individual emphasized that The Chosen does not solely aim to provide mindless entertainment, even in its fictional elements. Rather, it delves into challenging themes such as learning to forgive those who have hurt you, taking responsibility for one’s mistakes, coping with grief, questioning the fairness of life, and grappling with unanswered prayers.

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