Cyclist’s Terrifying Twitch Stream Crash

Juuso, known as ‘TurunPug’ on the live-streaming platform, was participating in a race on the outskirts of Joutseno, Finland when the incident occurred.

A group of faster cyclists had caught up to Juuso and the group he was following, and they had formed a single-file line to pass them. But because there were so many cyclists on the road, they ended up occupying the entire lane and almost crossing the intermittent white line.

In an instant, pandemonium ensued as the person in the front suddenly decelerated, causing those behind to come dangerously close and not have enough time to hit the brakes.

As a consequence, one cyclist lost control and both the rider and bicycle fell into the path of oncoming traffic at the same moment a car was passing the group.

The cyclist narrowly avoided falling underneath the vehicle, with their legs almost brushing against the side of the car as they tumbled across the road.

The group could be heard exclaiming in terror, as they had almost witnessed a fatal accident. Realizing the gravity of the moment, the clip recorded from Juuso’s Twitch stream was titled ‘A Close Call.’

The audience in the Twitch streamer’s chat was also taken aback, noting the potential for things to have quickly taken a turn for the worse. One individual simply commented, “What the f***.”

According to a Reddit discussion, where the crash was shared, users described the stream as “

According to user ‘pyrpilot’, incidents like this often occur in cycling races and pelotons, where participants are pushing the limits of the yellow line rule and tend to move closer to the right side of the road when a car approaches. This rule, which requires cyclists to stay on the right side of the center line if the course is open to traffic, is commonly enforced in these types of competitive events.

According to another user named ‘Korysovec’, the incident was simply an unfortunate situation where the cyclist in the back caught up to the one in front in order to get into the draft zone. However, due to the presence of passing cars, the cyclist in front had to slow down, resulting in the collision with the back wheel of the cyclist behind.

They elaborated that while the responsibility for a rear-end collision would typically fall on the driver in a car, the same cannot be said for cycling. In various types of races, riders benefit from riding closely to one another and catching drafts. However, since this is an amateur race in Finland, I believe the rider should exercise more caution. I am confident that he will do so in the future.

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