WoW devs confirm Season of Discovery raid lockouts for Phase 4

Season of Discovery has been widely regarded as World of Warcraft’s initial venture into Classic+, and as we enter Phase 4, this mode is nearing its end. As a result, a number of raids will become available, and the game’s developer has officially announced the frequency at which players can obtain loot from them.

Despite the fact that the overall structure of the raids may be recognizable to Classic players, there are a few significant alterations in the Season of Discovery editions. This includes the categorization of Onyxia’s Lair and Molten Core as raid dungeons, with the latter designed for 20-man teams and featuring ten distinct boss battles.

Players will now have the option to adjust the difficulty of their gameplay, which will also affect the quality of loot they receive. Despite the numerous changes, some players were uncertain if the weekly raid lockout would be reduced, but this is not the case, at least for Molten Core.

In an announcement made by senior game producer Josh Greenfield on the official World of Warcraft website, it was confirmed that Molten Core would have a weekly lockout during the Season of Discovery. Additionally, Lord Kazzak, Azuregos, and Onyxia will each have a twice-weekly lockout as they are considered single encounter instances and world bosses.

For Onyxia, this is not a significant change from the standard formula in Classic WoW, as the lockout period for it is also five days. After receiving extensive feedback from the community, Greenfield made the decision to prevent players from excessively farming loot in the extensive Molten Core instance.

The upcoming Season of Discovery Phase 4 is shaping up to be a revival after a slight dip in Phase 3, with a multitude of new features beyond raiding. From fresh runes and dungeons to additional currencies and rewards, it boasts the most comprehensive content to date.

The anticipated release date for Phase 4 of the Season of Discovery is July 11, with servers becoming live at 1pm PDT. The mode is currently without a designated end date.

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