Hollywood Star Kevin Costner Shares His Opinion on Yellowstone’s Chaotic Events, and It’s Not Taylor Sheridan’s Fault

While promoting Horizon: An American Saga, Kevin Costner has addressed the Yellowstone drama and identified one primary source to blame.

Despite swirling rumors of a feud between Costner and Taylor Sheridan, creator of Yellowstone, following the actor’s unexpected exit, his recent comments (via Deadline) suggest that there is no truth to the speculation.

According to the ex-lead of Yellowstone, the show’s creators continuously adjusted and adapted their strategies. While Sheridan serves as the mastermind behind the series, Paramount and 101 Studios are credited with bringing it to fruition. According to Costner, he has faced tough criticism from those individuals.

“I am aware of many instances where the source of the issues lies,”he stated. “If you know me well enough, you know that Yellowstone was my top priority, and to suggest otherwise would be incorrect. I did not start any of those problems. They were the ones creating them and poor Taylor Sheridan was also burdened with writing so much. I am unsure why they did not defend me.”

During the past year and a half, I have been occupied with work and did not have to deal with any criticism or attacks. Those who have been trying to undermine me have been subtle and have not made any public statements.

Despite common belief, Costner asserts that his departure from the Western TV show was not due to his Horizon schedule. He maintains that he was always willing to work, but the constantly fluctuating schedules and shortage of scripts were the main issues.

He further emphasizes his belief that the authorities have been manipulating different information. While informing them that he could accommodate them for a week while filming Horizon: An American Saga, he states, “They [twisted that] to mean that I only wanted to work for a week…they then used that and a biased source to fabricate the claim that I only wanted to work for one week for the entire season.”

Despite Costner being aware of Sheridan and Paramount’s attempts to create a fully-developed small screen universe with multiple Yellowstone spinoffs based on the Dutton family’s story, he still expressed dissatisfaction with their approach.

“While I understand their decision, it did bother me that they remained silent. In this industry, it would have been nice if they had spoken up for me. The entire season was shut down without any notice, leaving me unemployed for 14 months.”

Costner shares that, in regards to Sheridan, the two engaged in a “man-to-man”conversation where the creator outlined their plan, but they ultimately did not achieve their goal.

“In summary, he states that Paramount and 101 Studios were at fault for mismanaging the situation. Despite him agreeing to participate in the fifth, sixth, and seventh installments, they continuously altered their plans.”

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