House of the Dragon Fans Furious Over Aemond’s Actor Being Body Shamed

“Many fans of House of the Dragon have voiced their frustration over the body shaming directed towards Aemond’s actor after his nude scene in Season 2 episode 2.”

The long-awaited second season of House of the Dragon has finally premiered, marking the beginning of the intense rivalry between the Greens and Blacks, resulting in losses on both sides. In the second episode, the aftermath of Blood and Cheese was the main focus as it delved into the Greens’ coping with the tragic demise of Prince Jaehaerys.

Audiences were given a deeper understanding of Alicent’s children (except for Daeron, who has not yet made an appearance on the show). This included a glimpse into the mindset of the formidable fighter, Aemond – whose actions further fueled the war when his dragon Vhagar killed Lucerys in the Season 1 finale.

Realizing that Jaehaerys’ murder was most likely intended for him, Aemond sought comfort at a brothel. There, he expressed his regret for Lucerys’ death and found solace in the lap of brothel madam Sylvi. However, some viewers reacted to Aemond’s naked scene by “body shaming”the actor portraying him, Ewan Mitchell, disappointing many fans.

Can we agree that these posts are gross and unfunny. The body shaming… (I’m being serious) byu/JW162000 inHOTDBlacks

In a Reddit discussion, a fan criticized others for comparing Mitchell’s scene to the “baby Voldemort”scene in the final Harry Potter movie, deeming it “disgusting”and “unamusing”.

In another post, a fan expressed their outrage upon learning that Mitchell was the subject of body shaming, stating that it was “truly disturbing”and that the actor appeared “incredible and completely standard”.

The writer expressed their understanding of not liking a character because you are rooting for someone else. However, they found it absurd to body shame someone who actually looks amazing.

“The actors of Team Green have faced numerous challenges both on and off the screen with their fans. It saddens me to see their struggles, as ultimately, this is a fictional show and should not hold such significance.”

Despite this, some argued that the comparison was not meant to shame anyone’s body. According to one Redditor’s comment, they did not view it as body shaming but rather a commentary on the pose.

“I completely understand,”another person chimed in, referencing Mitchell’s ability to still pull it off despite the absurdity of the pose.

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