Lisa’s ROCKSTAR Lyrics Spark Controversy Among K-Netz and BLINKs

Lisa’s long-awaited digital single “ROCKSTAR”was finally released on June 28, much to the excitement of BLINKs. The music video received high praise for Lisa’s captivating charisma, the song itself, stunning visuals, filming location, and more.

On June 28, a netizen created a post titled, “I Wish BLACKPINK Lisa Would Not Be Involved in Writing the Lyrics.”The author of the post expressed their dissatisfaction with the lyrics, describing them as “narrow-minded”and “repetitive.”

“The lyrics seem to lack variety and are repetitive,”the original poster commented. “Lisa’s name is always mentioned, and her songs seem to follow a similar style to her previous work.”

“It seems as though only a few words have been altered,”the OP remarked.

Despite facing backlash, supporters of the BLACKPINK member defended her post.

  • “But if she doesn’t participate in the composing and writing, foreigners won’t treat her like a rapper. She’s gonna get better the more she does it.”
  • “I wish that you would stop coming on Nate Pann.”
  • “There’s no female who participates in lyrics writing as much as Lisa. Aren’t your standards too high?”
  • “Do you really think that she’ll stop because you are telling her to stop?”
  • “This post and the comments feel like bait. The lyrics aren’t anything too special but it’s a good start. I assume she’ll only get better the more she participates in writing.”
  • “I don’t care what y’all say but she ate this comeback up. I was shocked by the entire music video, and that dance break at the end is just, wow.”
  • “My god, if you guys don’t like her or BLACKPINK, why do you keep talking about them?”
  • “This is such a good bait post. Not only is the post itself controversial but the comments are perfect bait too.”

While I agreed with the statements made about Lisa’s songwriting abilities, I also expressed criticism towards the song’s mixing, vocals, and rap.

  • “Listened to it once, but because of the Japanese cringe line, I won’t again.”
  • “The song had very little to work with of course it wasn’t gonna be groundbreaking.”
  • “She is talented and has so much of charisma. But I don’t know if she has anything to show as a solo artist.”
  • “BLINKs claiming YG was holding her back only for her to release crap like this. Her vocals, rapping and now songwriting cannot carry a song. The vocal mixing was horrible.”

On X (Twitter), there was a response from netizens regarding the “Teach me Japanese”part of the song.

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