House of the Dragon Star Teases Unexpected Targaryen Romance

During an interview, Ewan Mitchell, star of House of the Dragon, openly discussed a potential romantic relationship developing between two surprising Targaryens.

Despite decades of underlying tension between the Greens and Blacks, the final breaking point occurred during the fatal fight between Lucerys and Aemond, resulting in the younger boy’s demise.

The second season of House of the Dragon has continued to depict the gruesome consequences of the incident, including the attempted assassination of Aemond by Blood and Cheese, as commanded by his uncle Daemon.

Mitchell told Polygon that he has always believed Aemond to be Daemon’s biggest fan. He explained that Aemond’s carefully crafted image over the years seems to pay homage to his hero.

He went on to say, “Aemond holds Daemon in high regard; there’s almost a sense of romance in the way Aemond sees it – that Daemon came so close to ending his life, yet chose to send others instead of doing it himself. […] So Aemond enjoys being acknowledged by someone he idolizes.”

Fans of House of the Dragon have drawn comparisons between Aemond and Daemon due to their striking similarities.

Both men share the trait of being second-born sons and believe that they have the ability to achieve more with the power granted to them by their older siblings. They possess a natural inclination for combat and are determined to succeed in their endeavors, often resorting to deadly measures without remorse.

Despite the pair’s close connection in terms of their personality traits, Mitchell’s goal was to showcase this on screen by elevating Matt Smith, who portrays Daemon, to a pedestal.

As a child, this skill came naturally to the young actor as he had grown up watching Matt Smith portray the Eleventh Doctor on Doctor Who.

Mitchell explained that Matt Smith’s portrayal of the Doctor was filled with energy and a youthful charm that resonated with him as a child. He was drawn to the idea of always keeping Smith on a pedestal and maintaining a certain distance from him.

“I had been saving our eye contact for a specific moment we would both experience in Episode 8 of Season 1, the one where they confront each other at the banquet table.”

Despite Daemon’s current failure in his mission to kill Aemond, he still has six remaining episodes of House of the Dragon to continue his attempts to accomplish his goal.

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