Could Denis Villeneuve’s New Movie Be Dune 3?

After the huge success of Dune 2 in 2024, it is possible that the release date for Denis Villeneuve’s upcoming movie will be reserved for Dune 3.

Villeneuve’s upcoming film has already been given a release date of December 18, 2026, but at this point, it is still a subject of speculation. In April 2024, there were hints that the Dune director was still writing the script for the third installment of the sci-fi trilogy, however, recent reports indicate that he is committing to making it his next production.

According to a report by Variety, Legendary was reserving the 2026 slot for an “untitled event film.”The article also mentioned that the film would have an IMAX release, leading to speculation that it could potentially be the release date for Dune 3 (also known as Dune: Messiah).

Speculation continues to grow as a result of a recent report from Deadline, which alleges that Legendary is reserving the release date for 2026 in anticipation of Denis Villeneuve completing the trilogy. While this has not yet been confirmed by Legendary, it is not unfounded for the studio to have such hopes.

After its debut in March, Dune 2 quickly became the top-earning movie of the year, holding onto this title until it was surpassed by Inside Out 2 in June. With a global box office total of approximately $711.4 million, it’s evident that this high-budget science fiction franchise has the power to attract audiences for future installments.

Dune 2 marked a pivotal shift in Paul Atreides’ story as he rose to power, overthrowing the Emperor and claiming control of Arrakis. This unexpected transformation into a villain was a surprise for those who had not read the book, and Dune: Messiah will delve further into his journey as a formidable and merciless chosen one.

It is still uncertain if Dune 3 will be the project chosen for this time slot. Additionally, Villeneuve has been negotiating to adapt Nuclear War: A Scenario, based on Annie Jacobsen’s book.

The book delves into a hypothetical scenario of a nuclear war, presenting insights from numerous interviews with military and civilian experts who were involved in the creation of nuclear weapons and were knowledgeable about response plans and decision-making processes.

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