VorosTwins’ Prague Trip Takes a Turn: Robbed During TikTok Live and Stranded

The VorosTwins were mugged during a TikTok livestream in Prague, leaving them without any identification, funds, or lodging options.

The VorosTwins, Chris and Patrick Vörös, gained popularity on TikTok when a video of the identical twins mispronouncing Leonardo da Vinci’s last name went viral. They are also known as the Da Vinki Twins on their online platforms.

As their popularity grew and they amassed over 3.4 million followers, the phrase “Da Vinki”became a recurring catchphrase on the men’s account.

Despite being in the midst of their travels in Prague, Czechia and recording a live TikTok for their fans, the twins fell victim to a robbery when an unknown individual snatched their bags during the stream.

Despite not being attacked or robbed during the live, the VorosTwins found themselves in a difficult predicament when they realized that their stolen bags contained all of their valuable belongings.

The Voros twins took to X (previously known as Twitter) to ask for “advice”and “help”from their fans. They listed the important items that were taken in the stolen bag, including their ID, passport, cash, credit cards, Airbnb key, and phone chargers.

The VorosTwins found themselves in a difficult situation as they had nowhere to stay and their phones were rapidly losing battery. In reply to their initial post, the twins revealed that their phones were at 11% and 7% battery.

The VorosTwins announced that they were in need of an iPhone charger and requested for anyone to direct message them. They specified that they would be waiting by the astrological clock, a well-known tourist spot in Prague. Additionally, they shared their PayPal account and kindly asked their fans to donate in order to help them recover from the recent robbery.

In a subsequent post on X, approximately four hours later, the twins shared that they had reported the robbery to the police, secured accommodation, and learned that Airbnb would compensate for the stolen key.

Despite this, the VorosTwins would have to remain patient until Monday, July 1st and wait for the Canadian Embassy to open in order to resolve the issue of replacing their stolen belongings.

The twins expressed their gratitude to everyone who donated, stating that the contributions will greatly aid in replacing their belongings and helping them return home. They also mentioned that they still have many things to sort out.

Fans expressed their anger over the robbery that occurred, showing their support for the TikTok stars and criticizing the perpetrator by stating, “Who in their right mind would rob the VorosTwins? You better watch your back.”

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