How to Access the Viral ‘Eyebrow Mapping’ Filter on TikTok

The popular ‘eyebrow mapping’ filter on TikTok has resurfaced, offering users the ideal eyebrow shape for their face.

Following the popularity of the comical ‘eyebrow blindness’ trend on TikTok, the viral ‘eyebrow mapping’ filter from 2022 has resurfaced on the app as users attempt to discover their ideal eyebrow shape.

The filter offers a visual aid to determine the ideal starting point, arch, and end for your eyebrows. It creates a symmetrical map of lines on your face, aligned with important facial landmarks, to assist in achieving brows that enhance and balance your facial features.

So far, more than 309,000 videos have utilized the filter, as numerous beauty influencers and content creators have been incorporating it into their eyebrow shaping routines to enhance their techniques.


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Instructions for accessing the ‘eyebrow mapping’ TikTok filter

To experience this popular trend, follow these steps to access the ‘eyebrow mapping’ filter on TikTok:

  1. Access TikTok.
  2. To access the camera, simply click on the plus button.
  3. Click on the option labeled ‘Effects’ located in the bottom left corner.
  4. Tap on the filter with the same name to select it.
  5. By opening your camera, the filter will be activated and will display lines on your facial features, providing guidance on where your eyebrows should begin, arch, and finish. This will enable you to use an eyebrow pencil to shape your brows accordingly.

Additionally, the filter can be applied to another video.

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