Pokemon Unite Codes (July 2024) – How to Get Free Aeos, Cards, Licenses & More

With a focus on strategy and meticulous planning, Pokemon Unite is far from an easy experience for Pokemon enthusiasts. Choosing the right creatures and mastering teamwork are crucial for achieving victory in the game.

Fortunately, these abilities and collaborative efforts can be significantly enhanced with the help of some convenient Pokemon Unite codes. These codes offer a range of rewards at no cost to you within the game.

Currently active Pokemon Unite codes and instructions on how to redeem them can be found below.

Pokemon Unite Codes for July 2024

There are presently two codes that can be redeemed in Pokemon Unite. These codes have been verified to be functional as of June 29, 2024.

Whenever there are fresh codes released, we will promptly include them in the table below. Therefore, please remember to frequently revisit this page.

Code Rewards
BALANCE0619 3-Day Limited Blaziken, Duraludon, Mimikyu, or Slowbro License
CERULEDGE 1-Day Limited Ceruledge License
FALINKS 1-Day Limited Falinks License
MIRAIDON 1-Day Limited Miraidon License

How to Redeem Pokemon Unite Codes

Pokemon Unite codes
The Pokemon Company

Redeeming Pokemon Unite codes is easy when you know where to look.

Redeeming Pokemon Unite codes is a straightforward process once you are aware of the necessary steps. To redeem a code, simply follow the instructions below:

  1. Open Pokemon Unite.
  2. Click on the calendar button located on the right side of your screen in the lobby screen.
  3. Next, select the option for Daily Events.
  4. Navigate to the left side and choose Gift Exchange from the list.
  5. Afterwards, select Exchange.
  6. Input the gift code and click on Exchange.
  7. The reward will appear if the code still works.

All Expired Pokemon Unite Codes

When a Pokemon Unite code expires, it will be listed in the table below along with any rewards that were previously redeemable.

Code Rewards
METAGROSS 1-Day Metagross Limited License
POKEDAY24 Miraidon Limited License and a Platinum Miraidon boost emblem
MERRYXMAS Meowscarada Platinum Emblem and Christmas sticker
EEVEE0700 7-Day Rental License for Sylveon
THANKYOUFOR100MM 1 Gold emblem box, 1,000 Aeos coins
UNITE1IN 1,000 Aeos Coins
UNITE1STKR 3-Day Limited License for Glaceon, Battle Point Boost Card, Max-Grade Trial Card, and Blissey Set (7-Day Rental)
3A8YJ500XR 2023 Pokemon World Championships Jersey
2NDANNIVERSARY 3-Day Limited License for Mew, 3-Day Limited License for Mewtwo, Platinum Mew Boost Emblem, Platinum Mewtwo Boost Emblem

What are the uses of Pokemon Unite codes?

Pokemon Unite codes are a cost-free way for players to receive a range of rewards. These codes can provide Aeos coins, which can be used to make purchases in the store, or grant license trials for new Pokemon and boost emblems to enhance your team.

These are the only codes that are currently available for the month of July in 2024.

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