Pokemon Go trainers call Mega Rayquaza’s Elite Raid Day a huge fail

Despite the Mega Rayquaza Elite Raid Day event for Pokemon Go coming to an end, it seems that the general consensus among the community is that it was a major disappointment.

Since their debut in October 2022 alongside Hoopa Unbound, Elite Raids have not been well-received by the Pokemon Go community.

Despite being in-person only, Elite Raids have been met with frustration from numerous fans due to their high difficulty level. This has caused many trainers to perceive them as exclusive and unattainable for the wider community.

Despite the Elite Raid Day event featuring Mega Rayquaza coming to an end, numerous players have already deemed it a “major disappointment”for various reasons.

Based on discussions on the Pokemon Go subreddit, fans perceived the event as disappointing due to the scattered distribution of Elite Raid Eggs.

According to a player in Tokyo who shared their experience on Reddit, they believed that the Mega Rayquaza raid day was a major disappointment. They noted that despite being in the downtown area, there were no Raids within a reasonable distance, with the closest one being a 40-minute walk away.

Mega Rayquaza in Pokemon Go

Despite being located in heavily populated areas, the distance between active Elite Raids was deemed too far by many who agreed with the OP.

One major issue with Elite Raids is the challenges that rural players encounter.

A Reddit user from the UK expressed their frustration with the lack of Rayquaza raids in their rural area of the United Kingdom. Despite the abundance of PokéStops and gyms in their local public spaces, a quick stroll did not result in a single Rayquaza raid being available.

Despite their claims, even if Mega Rayquaza Raids had appeared more frequently, they still would not have had a sufficient number of players to successfully complete them.

Despite being around for nearly two years, there have been no significant changes to the format of Elite Raids, indicating that developer Niantic is unlikely to make adjustments in the future.

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