Pokemon Go Shadow Raid Schedule for July 2024

Pokemon Go players will have the opportunity to join 5-Star, 3-Star, and 1-Star Shadow Raids every month, along with regular Raids, to capture unique creatures for their collection. The following Pokemon will be available throughout the month of July in 2024.

In May 2023, as part of the Rising Shadows event, Niantic added Shadow Raids to Pokemon Go. These raids differ from regular ones as they involve capturing Shadow Pokemon at a Gym that has been taken over by Team Go Rocket.

Furthermore, the Pokemon encountered in these Raids possess greater strength compared to their regular counterparts, and engaging in battles with them will enhance their offensive and defensive capabilities. It is recommended to utilize Purified Gems, which are made from Shadow Shards, in order to capture the Shadow Pokemon.

In July, there will be a special lineup featuring Shadow Entei. Be sure to continue reading for additional details on this month’s Raid schedule.

Pokemon Go Shadow Raid Bosses in July

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The Pokemon Company / Niantic

Throughout the month of July, players can expect to encounter daily 3-Star and 1-Star Shadow Raids in Pokemon Go. However, the more challenging 5-Star Shadow Raids will only be available on weekends. This means that Shadow Entei will only appear during weekends in July.

During July 2024, the following Pokemon will be featured in Shadow Raids:

Raid Battles Against 5-Star Pokémon

Sprite Pokemon
Shadow Entei

3-Star Raid Battles

Sprite Pokemon

1-Star Pokemon Raids

Sprite Pokemon

Joining Shadow Raids in Pokemon Go

In order to take part in a Shadow Raid, you must locate a Gym that has been taken over by Team Go Rocket. Similar to regular Raids, you will need to use Standard Raid Passes to join the battle. However, it is important to note that Shadow Raids cannot be accessed from a distance.

You have the opportunity to receive a Raid Pass every day by spinning the Photo Disc at any Gym. Furthermore, you have the option to buy a Premium Raid Pass from the Shop.

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