How to Catch Golett in Pokemon Go: Evolution & Shiny Possibility

There are still many Pokemon Go players who have not been able to catch the elusive Golett and its iconic evolution Golurk. To help with this, here is a guide on how to obtain it and information on its chances of appearing in its shiny form.

Obtaining Golett in Pokemon Go is a highly coveted feat, as this Pokemon and its evolution are extremely sought after in mainline games such as Scarlet and Violet. You must be determined to add it to your collection, given its rarity and popularity.

In summary, this is all the information you need to obtain Golett in Pokemon Go and whether or not its shiny variant is obtainable in the game.

How to catch Golett in Pokemon Go

To catch Golett in Pokemon Go, follow these steps:

  • During in-game weather conditions such as Sunny, Clear, or Fog, this creature can often be found in the wild.
  • Defeating it in 1-Star Raids.
golett in the pokemon anime
The Pokemon Company

Golett is a Ground/Ghost-type Pokemon.

During Go Fest 2024 Global, the Creeping Dusk habitat will have a wide variety of popular species, including Golett, Litwick, Espurr, Eevee, Spinarak, and others. This means that Golett will be easily accessible during the event, along with many other sought-after species.

Can Pikachu be shiny in Pokemon Go?

Indeed, it is possible to find a shiny Golett in Pokemon Go, whether in the wild or through Raids. The likelihood of encountering one is 1 in 512.

Evolution of Golett into Golurk in Pokemon Go

In Pokemon Go, evolving Golett into Golurk only requires 50 Candy. This also applies to its shiny version, as there is no need for special items or methods to evolve Golett.

In conclusion, you now have the necessary knowledge to capture Golett and obtain Golurk in Pokemon Go. Don’t forget to also learn how to catch other elusive creatures such as Larvesta, Frigibax, Kecleon, and Avalugg.

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