ILLIT’s Participation in Overseas Interview Show Despite Members’ Lack of English Fluency

In a recent online interview on iHeartRadio, the rookie girl group ILLIT gained attention for promoting their new song and discussing their future plans. However, many were surprised by the group’s struggle to communicate in English, the primary language of the program.

Despite their preparation of basic English self-introductions, the group responded to all questions in Korean, causing the interview to feel uncomfortable and forced. When presented with open-ended questions, the ILLIT members appeared flustered and struggled to answer fluently, resulting in the host stepping in to ask alternative questions or summarize the discussion.


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This miscommunication has resulted in a variety of responses from netizens. Numerous fans have shared their worry for ILLIT as the group navigates difficulties in engaging with global audiences. They view this as a notable obstacle for a K-Pop group striving to broaden their success in the international market.

Sarcastic mentions of Youngseo, the only member of ILLIT with strong English skills who was eliminated before their debut, were made by certain K-Pop fans. They contended that had Youngseo remained in the group, ILLIT would have had no difficulties communicating during the interview.


Despite their limited fluency in English, ILLIT’s decision to participate in an English interview has sparked concerns about their management company’s promotional tactics. This move has been deemed by many as unwise, as it has generated unnecessary controversies and potentially damaged ILLIT’s public image.

On the other hand, some argue that the recent interview was relatively insignificant and that ILLIT should not be overly criticized for it. They maintain that the group still has ample opportunity to enhance their proficiency in English and will eventually become more self-assured in their interactions with global audiences.

At present, ILLIT is in the initial phases of their career and requires time to grow and improve. With any luck, the group will soon overcome their language obstacles and attain even more success in the coming years.

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