How to Finish Paranormal Activity in Destiny 2 The Final Shape

The Final Shape has introduced a plethora of fresh content for Destiny 2 players, such as the Paranormal Activity Public Event. If you’re curious about its mechanics, read on for the answers.

The launch of The Final Shape has brought a wealth of fresh content to Destiny 2 for players to enjoy. This includes new exotic gear, missions, a raid, and to top it off, a new Public Event known as Paranormal Activity.

Therefore, if you are seeking a resolution for the recent occurrence involving the Pale Heart, here is a guide on how to successfully finish Paranormal Activity in Destiny 2.

How to Solve the Paranormal Activity Puzzle in Destiny 2: The Final Shape

To successfully complete The Final Shape puzzle in Destiny 2’s Paranormal Activity, simply follow these steps:

  1. Find the current Paranormal Activity event on your map and make your way to its location.
  2. Once you arrive, look for the glowing blue orb.
  3. Interact with the orb, and two cubes will spawn.
  4. Find an angle where you can see both cubes clearly.
  5. Shoot the blue cube with Light Damage.
  6. Use Darkness Damage to shoot the red cube.
Paranormal Activity event in Destiny 2

Make sure you can see both cubes before you start shooting.

It is crucial to locate a spot where you can capture both cubes without having to relocate. Additionally, please keep in mind that you can only engage with these occurrences when they are specifically marked as Paranormal Activity on your map.

You must complete the event within a couple of minutes since the Aura of Balance buff bestowed by the glowing blue orb only lasts for two minutes. Therefore, make sure to swiftly find the cubes and you will receive two Pale Heart Engrams as a reward upon completion.

Destiny 2: The Final Shape – All Paranormal Activity Cube Locations

There are five potential locations where the Paranormal Activity event can appear in Destiny 2. Below are all of the Cubes that can be found in each of these areas:

The Transgression

The Cubes can be easily located by dropping down from the structure where the commune point (the blue orb) is located, and then finding a small bridge that can be stood under.

  • The Blue Cube is located under the structure to the right.
  • The red cube is located under the structure on the left side.

The Blooming

During The Blooming Paranormal Activity event, it is necessary to ascend the ledge above the communal point and continue along the designated path.

  • Blue Cube: Located on the path directly in front of you towards the right.
  • The Red Cube can be located behind a rock formation on the path above by moving closer to the Blue Cube.

The Impasse

To reach this location, you must first hop onto the Red Cube and then ascend to the peak of a grey statue.

  • The Blue Cube can be found underneath the ledge of a building in the distance while standing on the statue.
  • The Red Cube will appear to the left or right of the communal point, depending on your direction.

The Lost City

Navigate to the commune point and look for the building with a small statue on it in this area. Once you locate it, climb onto the building.

  • The Blue Cube can be found above the overgrown ledge, and you may have to jump a little to spot it at first.
  • There is a red cube located on the cliff wall to your right.

The Lost City Outskirts

To locate the iron gate on the left of the commune point in The Lost City Outskirts, you will need to search carefully.

  • The Blue Cube is visible through the iron gate.
  • If you turn around, you will see the Red Cube underneath a tree.

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