Verhulst Criticizes ImperialHal and Accuses Him of Making Playing Apex on TSM ‘Miserable’

Evan ‘Verhulst’ Verhulst harshly criticized Phillip ‘ImperialHal’ Dosen during a livestream, expressing his frustration with playing alongside him on TSM’s Apex Legends team and in ranked games, stating that it was an unpleasant experience.

Verhulst teamed up with TSM on ImperialHal in December 2021 and consistently placed in the top 10 in five ALGS LAN events. Together, they achieved victory in numerous North American pro league championships and secured the top spot at both the 2023 ALGS Championship and 2023 Split 1 Playoffs. However, on May 13, 2024, Hal departed from TSM.

Despite Hal joining Team Falcons, it was clear that they were still on good terms. Verhulst shared his experience playing with one of the top players in Apex Legends esports during a livestream on June 6th.

“Playing with Hal some days was awful, it was terrible. That’s what was difficult. It was a struggle,” he said while responding to inquiries from his Twitch chat.

According to the TSM player, ImperialHal would frequently become upset while playing the game and utter statements that he did not truly intend due to his emotional state. Verhulst mentioned that this eventually led to him and TSM’s third member Jordan ‘Reps’ Wolfe avoiding playing ranked matches with Hal.

The young professional, aged 21, proceeded to recall an instance where Hal continuously teased him about an error made during the 2023 World Championship.

“Hal continuously reminded me of that mistake, bringing it up at least 20 times and pestering me about it. Despite my repeated requests for him to stop, he persisted. It was frustrating because I acknowledged my mistake and didn’t need him to constantly bring it up. His behavior in person mirrored his behavior online. In a moment of frustration, I even threatened to physically harm him if he didn’t quiet down. After that, he remained silent for the rest of the LAN event. And in the end, we were victorious at Champs.”

Despite stating that Hal’s intensity is the key to his numerous victories, he also praised the player for his unwavering performance and dedication to playing Apex Legends relentlessly.

Despite being open about his toxic tendencies and confessing to being tough on his teammates, ImperialHal is not shy about his behavior. Viewers can witness his intense gameplay during NA pro league matches through his POV streams.

The Team Falcons player responded to Verhulst’s comments on his stream on the same day, stating that his former teammate is only making these statements for publicity and views. He revealed that he and Verhulst have previously attempted to address the tension in their in-game dynamic, but his former teammate would always dismiss him.

“According to ImperialHal, the things that were said on stream were already discussed as a team beforehand. It seems that he now wants to address these issues on stream, as if seeking help from Twitch chat.”

Hal acknowledged that he can be a difficult teammate to play with, but he also pointed out that his former TSM teammates would often lose interest in ranked games or not give their full effort in professional matches, making it challenging to play with them.

“Hal said that the two of them were looking to have a good time, goof around, go for a hike, and have a picnic, maybe even hold hands. Meanwhile, all he wanted was to avoid seeing the lobby every time they played.”

The Team Falcons player pointed out that Verhulst was not obligated to stay on the team and ultimately chose to leave TSM and explore other opportunities.

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