How to Make Clothes in Stardew Valley

In Pelican Town, there are numerous shops that cater to all your farming needs, including Marnie’s Ranch, the Carpenter’s Shop, the Blacksmith, and Pierre’s. However, there is one essential establishment still missing – a clothing store. But don’t worry, as there are several in-game features that allow you to create your own clothes. So, if you’re looking to give your character a new look but don’t know how to begin, here’s a guide on how to make clothes in Stardew Valley.

Supplies for Crafting Clothes in Stardew Valley

The process of making clothes involves placing 1x Cloth and 1x other items in the Sewing Machine at Haley and Emily’s House. Although simple, the most challenging part is finding all the necessary ingredients.

Guide to Crafting Cloth in Stardew Valley

On your farm, you have the ability to produce cloth in various ways. One method is by shearing Sheep in your Barn to obtain their Wool. Alternatively, if you have a Coop, you can gather Wool from Rabbits. Unlike Sheep, Rabbits do not need to be sheared. They leave their Wool on the ground, along with any Rabbit’s Feet that they may have left for you.

Stardew Valley Loom
Screenshot by Prima Games

Once you obtain Wool, you can use a Loom to transform it into Cloth. To create a Loom, you will need 60x Wood, 30x Fiber, and 1x Pine Tar.

How to Use the Sewing Machine in Stardew Valley

Cloth is the essential ingredient in creating clothes, but it must be paired with another item to complete the clothing recipe. The chosen item will determine the type of wearable item that will be produced, and this selection is the most enjoyable aspect of the process.

If you haven’t previously paired these specific items together, you won’t be able to predict the appearance of your clothing item until it is created. This can add a level of challenge to Tailoring as there is a possibility of not being satisfied with the end result. However, the excitement lies in experimenting with various combinations and discovering the outcome! The resulting clothing item typically shares some similarity with the second item, often in terms of color. For instance, if you desire a pink item, combining Cloth with another pink item, such as a Pink Cake, will most likely produce the desired color.

Stardew Valley Green Tunic
Screenshot by Prima Games

To create your item, go to Haley and Emily’s house on the southern side of town with your Cloth and another chosen item. In the small room to the right of the door, use the Sewing Machine by placing your Cloth in the left box and the other item in the top right box. Press the on button to complete the process. This can be done with a total of 341 characters and the current count is 641.

One way to add some excitement to your clothing creations is by mixing Cloth with other items like Cheese, an Ancient Sword, or Beer. With countless combinations to choose from, you can experiment and see what unique pieces you can come up with. You can even recreate Link’s iconic outfit from the Legend of Zelda by finding the perfect combination of items!

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