How to Improve Your Horse’s Speed in Stardew Valley

Time is always crucial in Stardew Valley, so it’s important to obtain a horse as soon as possible. Horses allow you to travel at much faster speeds around Pelican Town compared to walking, which is beneficial for optimizing your daily activities on the farm. However, if you find that your horse isn’t quite speedy enough, there is a method to increase its speed in Stardew Valley.

How to Improve Your Horse’s Movement Speed in Stardew Valley

The introduction of the 1.6 Update for Stardew Valley brought about an array of fresh and thrilling changes, such as new crops, Mystery Boxes, and a revamped skill points system. However, there is also a hidden update that you may not have stumbled upon yet – the option to enhance your faithful steed’s speed by feeding it a carrot.

Carrots are a recently introduced crop in Stardew Valley. They can be planted in the spring season and reach maturity in just three days. While carrots may not have a high individual value, with the lowest quality selling for 35g and the highest quality for 75g, their quick growth allows for multiple harvests throughout the season, making them a profitable choice for your fields.

Stardew Valley Feeding Horse a Carrot
Screenshot by Prima Games

Despite not being as lucrative as other spring crops such as Cauliflower or crops that yield multiple harvests, Carrots can be stockpiled to improve your horse’s speed throughout the year.

To improve your horse’s running speed for the entire day, you can give it one Carrot daily. This is a more effective outcome compared to coffee, which only provides a temporary increase in speed.

Carrot Seeds can be easily found and acquired from the Raccoon Family Store, or they can also be foraged by digging up Artifact Spots during the end of Winter and mid-spring. If you’re tired of earning small profits from your Carrots, you could instead choose to feed them to your beloved horse.

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