How to Dye Clothes in Stardew Valley

One of the most affordable and effective ways to change up your appearance in Stardew Valley is by dyeing your clothes. This eliminates the need to visit the Wizard’s dubious basement. If you are unsure about how to alter the color of your clothes, you have come to the right place. This guide contains all the necessary information to dye your entire wardrobe.

Where Can I Dye Clothes in Stardew Valley?

To dye clothes, head to Emily and Haley’s Sewing Room where you can use either the Dye Pots or the Sewing Machine. The sisters’ house is located in the Town Center on the south side of Pelican Town, and their Sewing Room is on the right side of the entrance. While the two methods have slight variations, both will result in beautifully dyed clothes.

Stardew Valley Emily and Haley’s House
Screenshot by Prima Games

How to Dye Clothes Using the Dye Pots

One way to dye your clothes in Stardew Valley is by utilizing the Dye Pots. These pots are conveniently located along the right side of the Sewing Room and are straightforward to operate. To access the dyeing menu, simply interact with the Dye Pots and you will see all six pots available.

Stardew Valley Dyeing with Dye Pots
Screenshot by Prima Games

To ensure the desired result, it is necessary to put an item of the corresponding color in each pot. This will cause the Dye Bottle beneath the pots to illuminate with a rainbow of colors. Clicking on the bottle will open a new window with color sliders that can be adjusted to achieve the desired hue. Click OK to confirm and dye the item.

How to Dye Clothes Using the Sewing Machine

Using dye pots to dye clothes requires a greater amount of materials compared to using the Sewing Machine. Therefore, it may be more beneficial to choose the latter method. The Sewing Machine makes the process of dyeing clothes even simpler than using dye pots. To begin, simply interact with the Sewing Machine and put the desired clothing item in the box located on the left side of the machine.

Stardew Valley Dyeing with Sewing Machine
Screenshot by Prima Games

The key to effectively dyeing your clothes using the Sewing Machine is selecting the correct item to place in the box located at the top right corner. To preview the color change, simply look at the right side of the window. Once you have chosen your desired item, press the on button to start the dyeing process. Keep in mind that you may need to run the Sewing Machine multiple times to achieve the desired color intensity, so it is recommended to bring multiple items with you.

Carrying items to the Sewing Room can become monotonous, particularly if you happen to forget something. Creating a chest or even a Big Chest to store items in the Sewing Room is an excellent method to ensure that you will have materials readily available whenever you need to dye something.

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