How to make Fortnite in Infinite Craft: Recipe explained

In Infinite Craft, you have the ability to create your own version of Fortnite by combining two elements together. What are these two elements and how can you blend them together?

The popularity of Fortnite is evident as references to this Battle Royale can also be found in other games such as Infinite Craft. This browser-based mix-and-match game allows players to create new objects by combining two existing items.

You do not require an extra account in order to enjoy Infinite Craft. Simply open the game on your browser and begin playing.

As you advance through Infinite Craft, you will encounter various items. Here is a list of the necessary ingredients needed to craft Fortnite within the game.

Steps to Create Fortnite in Infinite Craft

To create Fortnite in the game Infinite Craft, you must combine the elements of “Internet”and “Castle”. Acquiring these items in the game may pose some difficulty, but here is a list of all the necessary ingredients and outcomes to obtain Internet and Castle for the creation of Fortnite.

Ingredient 1 Ingredient 2 Result
Fire Water Steam
Steam Fire Engine
Steam Engine Steam Engine
Steam Engine Steam Engine Train
Engine Engine Rocket
Rocket Train Bullet Train
Rocket Rocket Satellite
Satellite Bullet Train Internet
Wind Earth Dust
Dust Water Mud
Mud Earth Clay
Clay Clay Brick
Brick Brick Wall
Wall Brick House
Fire Earth Enough
Enough Water Stone
Stone House Castle
Castle Internet Fortnite

Overall, these are all the essential details you should be aware of regarding creating Fortnite in Infinite Craft.

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