How to get Wailmer in Pokemon Go: Evolution & can it be shiny?

Wailmer is a highly sought-after species in any game it appears in. Here is a guide on obtaining Wailmer in Pokemon Go, including information on its shiny variant and the evolution process in the mobile game.

One of the major components of Pokemon Go is the vast Pokedex, which includes numerous species. Some of these species require a significant amount of grinding in order to evolve. One highly sought-after species is Wailmer, nicknamed the “Ball Whale Pokemon.”

Therefore, this is the method for obtaining Wailmer in Pokemon Go, as well as instructions for evolving it and its shiny variant’s availability.

Tips for catching Wailmer in Pokemon Go

To obtain Wailmer in Pokemon Go, follow these steps:

  • Capturing it in its natural habitat.
  • During the Sizeable Surprises event, completing the Field Research task ‘Catch 3 Wailmer’ is required.
  • Successfully finishing the Giant Gems Collection Challenge while participating in the Sizeable Surprises event.

During the Sizeable Surprises event, which will continue until April 9, 2024, Wailmer can be found more frequently in the wild. Remember to take advantage of this by completing the Field Research task and the Collection Challenge, which will give you additional opportunities to encounter Wailmer.

Wailmer in Pokemon anime
The Pokemon Company

Wailmer was first introduced in Gen 3.

Is Wailmer Shiny in Pokemon Go?

Shiny Wailmer, a highly desired shiny, is currently obtainable in Pokemon Go. Its distinctive feature is the light purple hue that replaces the usual deep blue on its body, making it a fan favorite.

Evolving Wailmer into Wailord in Pokemon Go

To evolve Wailmer into Wailord, Pokemon Go players must have 400 Candy. We suggest using Pinap and Silver Pinap Berries while catching Wailmer to obtain more Candy per encounter. Another effective method for accumulating Wailmer Candy is by setting the Pokemon as your Buddy, as it only requires walking 1km to receive one Candy.

So, now you know everything necessary to successfully capture Wailmer and Wailord in Pokemon Go.

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