How to Obtain Hammers in Squad Busters

In Squad Busters, Hammers serve as a currency that can be obtained for free and are not required for gameplay. They can be used to purchase cosmetic items for your Plaza, which can help to enhance your profile and base. While there are limited methods for obtaining Hammers, here is the most effective way to acquire them in Squad Busters.

Best Way to Get Hammers in Squad Busters

Collecting enough Hammers to purchase the impressive statues and Plaza decorations can be a time-consuming task, as they often require thousands. However, Hammers can be obtained in bulk through Squad Journeys, Gem Passes, and challenges, making them the primary means of acquiring them.

If you are unable to invest in those areas due to time or financial constraints, your only option is to play in order to acquire the Hammers. These can also be obtained from random chests or certain game modes during a match. By participating in game modes such as Piñata, Loot Goblin, Loot Critters, and others that offer additional loot, you may have the opportunity to obtain Hammers.

The Hammers in Squad Busters are only obtainable in a few pieces when they drop. On average, players can expect to receive two to three Hammers per game, which may not be ideal. However, the good news is that there is no limit to how many Hammers you can acquire! Unlike farming gold, Hammers can be farmed endlessly by playing matches until you are unable to continue.

If you notice the chest icon above the Play button, it means you have reward chests waiting to be claimed. Each chest can be used during a match, and will use up one charge. Once you run out of charges, you can still play matches, but you will not receive a reward chest. However, Hammers will still drop during gameplay, making it a tedious and time-consuming process.

Various Squad Busters events are available on a rotating basis, providing opportunities to utilize this tactic. For example, the Piñata Festival event involves collecting Piñata Sticks in order to earn rewards. In cases where reward chests are not accessible, players can still participate and earn Hammers as an additional bonus.

By waiting for daily, weekly, and exclusive deals that offer discounted prices, you can get Hammers for a lower cost if you are willing to spend a dollar or two. The most efficient use of your money would be to invest in Gem Passes, as they not only provide a fair amount of Hammers, but also give you access to some of the best characters in the game at a reasonable price.

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