List of Idols Popular Among Gays Sparks Controversy – Why Did It Offend Female K-pop Fans?

Despite the circulation of the list of K-pop idols popular among gays, Korean women expressed feeling offended and raised their brows in response.

What could be the reason for this?

List of Idols Popular Among Gays Raises Brows – Why Did It Offend Female K-pop Fans?
TWS Dohoon, RIIZE Sungchan

On June 5, a user on the online forum Instiz shared a list of popular male idols within the gay community.

The post features RIIZE Sungchan, as well as TWS Shinyu and Dohoon, who are currently the most talked about idols among the sexual minority community.

Sungchan is renowned for his exceptional combination of sexy and cute visuals, tall stature, and strong physique, in addition to his flawless dancing abilities.

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Shinyu and Dohoon are adored for their innocent yet captivating demeanors, evoking sentiments of youthful nostalgia through their charming “first love”looks.

After being posted, it was immediately apparent that there was unanimous agreement among people, who pointed out that the popularity of the three idols mentioned above is rapidly increasing, regardless of age, gender, and nationality.

  • “Shinyu and Dohoon are really popular.”
  • “Among RIIZE, Sungchan is mentioned the most.”

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Although initially seeming like a benign post discussing the male stars’ appeal beyond K-pop fans, some female supporters of the idols took offense, stating that they were offended by both the post and the idols.

The OP was questioned about the meaning of the post, and it was made clear that the questioner had no interest in identifying the “Gay Picks.”

  • “We don’t need gay picks.”
  • “When I see posts like this, I get so offensive.”
  • “It’s so cringe-worthy to be popular among gays, men and male wives.”

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Despite ongoing criticism, they remained firm in their belief that idols should not have to focus on gaining popularity among the LGBTQ+ community. They argued that, ultimately, their main source of support would still come from female fans who purchase their albums and contribute to their success.

  • “Do gays buy your physical albums if they like you? I feel like it’s useless to write business posts about them.”
  • “Women will be the only ones spending the money though, so why do idols try so hard to gain popularity from them?”
  • “Fans don’t like posts like this.”

As the number of negative comments continued to increase, some netizens commented:

  • ‘Why are you guys so serious? The atmosphere is embarrassing. Isn’t this just similar to teenage popular picks although the tone is light-hearted.”
  • “Why is it like this? Why are guys so displeased?”
  • “Why are you guys so angry?”
  • “They are all just good-looking guys, right?”

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