How to Obtain Skiddo in Pokemon Go: Evolution & Possibility of Shiny Form

Skiddo is highly desired by trainers in Pokemon Go, making it a sought-after species to add to their Pokedex. If you’re looking to obtain Skiddo in Pokemon Go, read on for information on its evolution and availability as a shiny.

Despite their determination to catch all the Pokemon in the mobile game, Pokemon Go players are struggling to find Skiddo. This extremely rare pure Grass-type is known to be one of the most elusive species in the game.

To obtain Skiddo in Pokemon Go, simply follow these instructions. Additionally, information on its evolution and availability as a shiny Pokemon will also be provided.

How to catch Skiddo in Pokemon Go

Currently, Skiddo is unavailable in Pokemon Go. It was first introduced during the City Safari event in Mexico City in November 2023 and has not appeared in the game since then.

You can obtain a Skiddo through trading with another player who also participated in the event and is willing to share one with you.

The developers of Pokemon Go have stated that Skiddo may eventually be available globally, so it is important to stay updated by checking this guide regularly.

Skiddo: The Evolution of Gogoat in Pokemon Go

In order to obtain Gogoat in Pokemon Go, Skiddo must first evolve with 50 Candy. At present, the only method to acquire Skiddo Candy is by selecting it as your Buddy Pokemon and walking with it.

pokemon go skiddo evolution gogoat with game background

Gogoat is a pure Grass-type Pokemon, and its stats are 196 ATK, 146 DEF, and 265 STA.

Is Skiddo Able to Be Shiny in Pokemon Go?

Shiny Skiddo is currently unavailable in the game, but it will become available again in the future. Those who have already caught a shiny Skiddo can evolve it into a shiny Gogoat.

This covers all the essential information about Skiddo in Pokemon Go. Remember to keep up with the latest events by checking the Spotlight Hour and Raid schedules.

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