Knives Out 3 Reveals Daniel Craig’s Wild New Benoit Blanc Hairstyle

According to director Rian Johnson, production for Knives Out 3 has officially begun. However, fans were in for another exciting surprise: the return of Daniel Craig as Benoit Blanc, sporting a longer hairstyle.

The initial glimpse of Daniel Craig reprising his role as brilliant sleuth Benoit Blanc was shared online by director Rian Johnson, who also announced that filming for Knives Out 3, now officially titled Wake Up Dead Man, had officially begun.

In a tweet, Johnson announced that today marks the first day of filming for the upcoming Benoit Blanc mystery, Wake Up Dead Man. He also shared a black and white photo of Craig as Blanc, dressed in a fashionable three-piece suit and sporting a noticeably longer hairstyle. See you on the other side.

It could be interpreted as a positive indication of the actor’s newfound enthusiasm for his career and the Blanc persona, now that he is freed from the pressures of portraying James Bond. Throughout his career, Craig has consistently sported a closely cropped hairstyle, although there are some photographs of him from the 1990s with longer hair.

The hairstyle has also captured the hearts of fans in the comments, with many expressing their admiration for Daniel Craig and his luscious locks, while others playfully tease it.

“Same vibes,”commented a fan, sharing a photo of Woody Harrelson’s Haymitch from The Hunger Games.

Some people also compared Blanc’s physical transformation to that of Tom Cruise’s Ethan Hunt, with one fan commenting, “I appreciate the use of long hair versus short hair to distinguish between sequels, similar to what Tom Cruise did in the Mission Impossible franchise.”

“Could this mean a prequel? Or is it simply a testament to Blanc’s mastery of Charleston fashion? Another fan speculated about the combination of long hair and a fedora.”

The sole detail that has been revealed about the next installment of the mystery series is that it will feature the reappearance of Benoit Blanc, a peculiar expert sleuth who made his initial appearance in Knives Out.

Despite this, the cast for this outing is filled with well-known actors, such as Andrew Scott, Glenn Close, Josh Brolin, and Jeremy Renner, who is already a part of the existing universe and, as some fans speculate, could potentially play a crucial role in solving the mystery.

In the year 2025, Wake Up Dead Man: A Knives Out Mystery is set to be released. For additional options, be sure to browse through the top new movies available for streaming. Alternatively, don’t miss out on the new TV shows premiering this month.

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