How to Obtain the Thunder Cage Ultimate Weapon in The First Descendant

Equipping the best weapons is essential for success in any shooter, and this rings true in The First Descendant as well. This is especially important as you progress through the main story and face tougher foes.

The game features the Thunder Cage, an Ultimate Weapon that is considered one of the most powerful and rare guns available in the entire experience.

Obtaining the Thunder Cage is no simple task, but don’t worry – we have a comprehensive guide on how to get it in The First Descendant below.

Unlocking the Thunder Cage in The First Descendant

The First Descendant Sterile Land

The Thunder Cage parts can be found in the Sterile Lands.

By completing Research in The First Descendant, players can unlock the Thunder Cage. Additionally, progressing through the main story of the game will reveal a Sub Quest specifically focused on unlocking this weapon.

We suggest waiting for the Sub Quest to become available before completing the Thunder Cage Research, as it can simplify the process of finding each research material and save time.

The Thunder Cage Research Request is the Sub Quest in question and can be easily monitored through the in-game Quest menu.

To successfully conduct the necessary research for the Thunder Cage, players must locate the four designated research materials in the specifically marked areas listed below.

  • Thunder Cage Polymer Syncytium: External Reactor, Sterile Land
  • Thunder Cage Synthetic Fiber: Kuiper Mine, Sterile Land
  • Thunder Cage Nano Tube: High-powered Jammer, Sterile Land
  • Thunder Cage Blueprint: Logistics Facility, Sterile Land

Moreover, it is important to have 100,00 Gold on hand when attempting to craft the Thunder Cage. To quickly increase your gold reserves, take advantage of the game’s Twitch Drops feature.

After collecting all necessary requirements, make your way to Anais in Albion to initiate the Thunder Cage research. Once the four-hour research is finished, you can return to Anais to obtain your new weapon.

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