TripleS Concert Faces Chaos as Fans Throw Objects at Members: ‘It Actually Hit Her Eye!’

During tripleS’s fan concert finale, a surprising incident occurred when a fan threw a handheld fan at the members during their encore performance.

The fan, who was captured on video, can be seen narrowly missing Xinyu and Lynn. The fan hit Xinyu on the head before falling to the ground behind them.

tripleS (Photo : theqoo)
tripleS (Photo : theqoo)

The members’ visible reactions of surprise prompted immediate concern from their teammates.

The video clip rapidly became viral, causing widespread disapproval from both tripleS fans and the larger K-Pop community.

The perpetrator, reportedly a devoted supporter of Gong Yubin, initially posted a poorly received apology on social media, acknowledging their wrongdoing but also attempting to minimize the seriousness of the situation.

The statement’s ambiguity and lack of genuine remorse were heavily criticized.

“Hello, I am the fan who threw the fan on stage. I am sincerely sorry. I apologize a hundred times and more, even if that will never be enough.

On Sunday, during the encore performance on the final night of the fan concert, I threw it knowing I should not. And it almost hurt the members.

A lot of other people in the audience were throwing their slogans toward the stage, so I also threw the fan. The guards said not to throw anything, but when I saw other people throwing the slogans, I acted out and threw the fan. And it almost hit the members. I was not intending on hitting the members with the fan. But what was done was done, and the members almost got hit with the fan that I threw.

The other fans threw their slogans, which is light material. But I threw a fan, which is a big bulky item. That makes the fan much more dangerous, and it means I should have been more careful. But I was not being cautious and I ended up throwing it at the members.

After the concert, I felt guilty that I almost hurt the members. So I messaged them and apologized via Fromm. I am so sorry that I ruined the concert and that I almost hurt the members.

Even if the members weren’t hit, it almost did hurt them. And that ruined the night. I’m truly sorry. I’m sorry that I put them in a situation that could have led to a series incident. I will never throw fans again, and I will never cause trouble like this ever again. Again, I ruined the final moment of the concert when it should have been fun. I am sorry to disappoint the other WAVs and the members.”

– @yubinOMG

“I accept all criticism. I admit that I did hit a member, not ‘almost hit.’ But there were other members who were almost hit, too.

And that is my fault. It is absolutely my fault that the fan did hit the members. I’m sorry.”

Despite this, tensions continued to rise as supporters called for more stringent actions to be taken against this reckless conduct.

Numerous individuals demanded that the fan be prohibited from attending future events in order to guarantee the safety of idols performing on stage.


  • He seems like a weird person, but realistically, it doesn’t seem like he won’t do it next time, so I think we should feed the rocks a little more safely
  • The apology is so weird it’s a little scary;
  • Are you mentally ill? Your writing is also strange.
  • Throwing things should be banned no matter what. Why express affection through violence?
  • Looking at the apology, it seems like the first apology was a mistake in combining words because of panic. It was a hundred times wrong, but it’s not something that doesn’t happen at concert halls when you get caught up in the crowd mentality.

This event has once more emphasized the hazards presented by objects thrown onto concert stages and sparked renewed conversations about fan conduct in the K-Pop community.

Despite continuous efforts to encourage safety and respect during performances, occurrences like these serve as a reminder of the difficulties in completely preventing them.

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