How to Play Concord Early on PS5 and PC

During the May 2024 State of Play, Concord made a strong impression as the Overwatch-inspired shooter captured the attention of numerous players. Prior to its official launch, the game will undergo a Beta phase, giving players the opportunity to test it out before its full release.

Keeping this in consideration, here is a guide on how to play Concord early, covering the different editions of the game, pre-order bonuses, and additional information.

Instructions for Playing Concord Early

To gain early access to Concord, you must pre-order the Digital Deluxe Edition. This will provide you with a 72-hour head start before the official release on August 23, allowing you to start playing on August 20.

If you pre-order any of the game’s editions, you will have the opportunity to access the Beta before its official release in July. This will allow you to experience the game before its full launch.

Concord Standard Edition: Pricing and Content Overview

The Concord Standard Edition, priced at $39.99/£34.99, offers the base game which includes all 16 playable Freegunners, game modes, and maps. Pre-order bonuses for the Standard Edition include five codes for Beta Early Access weekend in July, allowing for inviting friends to the game. Additionally, purchasers will receive the Monarch Pack which features cosmetics and skins for Vale.

The Standard Edition includes all the content listed below:

  • Base Game
  • Pre-order bonus:
    • Five codes for Beta Early Access weekend
    • Monarch Pack

Concord Digital Deluxe Edition – Pricing and Content

The cost of the Concord Digital Deluxe Edition is $59.99/£49.99. In addition to the base game, this edition includes the Northstar Freegunner Pack, which includes 16 Northstar-themed Freegunner outfits. It also provides the same pre-order bonuses as the Standard Edition and allows players to access the full game up to 72 hours early.

Concord Digital Deluxe Edition content

The Digital Deluxe Edition comes with neat cosmetics.

The Digital Deluxe Edition includes all of the following:

  • Base Game
  • Northstar Freegunner Pack
  • 72-hour early access
  • Pre-order bonus:
    • Five codes for Beta Early Access weekend
    • Monarch Pack

This paragraph provides information on how to play Concord early and the pre-order bonuses that are included in the game’s editions. To learn more about upcoming hero shooters, take a look at our guide on playing the Marvel Rivals Console Beta and the confirmed characters that will be featured on the roster.

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