Which Stray Kids Member Is Believed to Resemble K-pop Legend Rain?

During a recent episode of his show Season B Season, Rain, a well-known South Korean singer and actor, had a meeting with the members of Stray Kids, a rising K-pop group.

Despite the notable interaction between the well-known artist and the gifted idols, it was not what captured the interest of fans and viewers. It was actually the striking resemblance that Rain noticed between himself and a specific member – Bang Chan.

The revelation was unexpected for most individuals as Rain and the show’s crew recognized the remarkable resemblance between Bang Chan and his younger self from the ‘Bad Guy’ era.

Despite being mere speculation, the crew seemed to unanimously agree that Stray Kids’ Hyunjin’s longer hair made him resemble Rain.

Although Rain acknowledged the resemblance between the legendary artist and Bang Chan, it was Bang Chan who ultimately stole the spotlight.

While the episode was playing, Bang Chan took a trip down memory lane as he looked back on his school days in Australia.

“When I was in year six, everyone used to tell me that I looked like you in Australia.”

-Bang Chan

Rain, appearing to find it entertaining, concurred with the observation, solidifying the comparison between the two.

However, Rain did not end their efforts there.

Continuing on, he made an intriguing remark regarding another artist from JYP Entertainment, Chansung from 2PM.

“Bang Chan is like a mixture of me and Chansung,”


As a result of this comparison, the show’s editors were inspired to juxtapose photos of Rain, Chansung, and Bang Chan, showcasing the remarkable similarities between them.

The observation of the similarity between Rain and Bang Chan sparked conversations among fans, with numerous individuals expressing their concurrence with the statement.

Rain’s observation extended beyond Bang Chan to suggest a specific aesthetic preference within JYP Entertainment.

“Watch Rain point out that JYP Entertainment seems to favor a particular look from their resemblance,”


The show’s editors hinted at a broader discussion about the entertainment industry’s standards of beauty and appearance, teasing the audience with their words.

Despite being from different generations in the K-pop industry, Rain and Stray Kids formed a strong bond on Season B Season as they exchanged laughter and stories. Viewers were amazed by the unexpected chemistry between the veteran artist and the up-and-coming idol group.

The episode not only offered entertainment, but also illuminated the fascinating dynamics of appearance and resemblance in the world of K-pop.

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