How to Quickly Obtain Gold in Squad Busters

Even though Squad Busters does not offer an unlimited method for obtaining gold unless you are willing to spend money, there are alternative ways to acquire it. You may be pleasantly surprised by how simple it can be to obtain gold once you are aware of all the available sources. To assist you in saving your hard-earned money, here is a brief guide on the quickest way to obtain gold in Squad Busters without having to spend a dime. Keep that wallet intact!

Top Strategies for Obtaining Gold in Squad Busters

There are various ways or methods in which you can obtain gold in Squad Busters. Below is a brief rundown of all of them.

  • Weekly Quests
  • Gem Pass (Free & Premium)
  • Squad Journey
  • Challenges
  • Beginner Quests

Despite examining all the methods, it is impossible to find a foolproof way to earn gold by playing for extended periods of time. Each method has its own limitations, which we will cover briefly.

Weekly Quests

Once the beginner quest or challenges are completed, weekly quests will become available. These quests are available for every new account, therefore it is important to finish the beginner quests in order to begin participating in the weekly quest rotations.

Each day, you will be given a quest to complete, which is strange since it should be classified as a daily quest rather than a weekly one. The rewards will either be a loot chest containing your preferred characters or gold, with a total of three to four opportunities to obtain gold through weekly quests.

Gem Pass

The Gem Pass provides a large amount of gold each time you reach a designated milestone. By completing the entire free Gem Pass line, you can receive approximately 20,000+ gold, depending on the current Gem Pass.

If you opt to purchase the Gem Pass, you will receive 80,000 gold upon completion of the entire pass. Although this amount may vary in future Gem Passes, you can anticipate a substantial amount of gold each time you finish the premium version of the pass.

Squad Journey

The Squad Journey can be compared to a battle pass, except it is completely free and designed to assist you in gradually unlocking all the features of Squad Busters.

Despite its numerous rewards, I am certain that this feature does not reset even when you reach the end with a countdown displayed. In addition to earning gold, you can also access various worlds that unlock additional levels, characters, and game modes. Eventually, you will reach the Squad League, the game’s competitive tournament, which likely explains the timer, as rankings will reset at its conclusion.

It is possible that those who rank highly on the leaderboards will receive substantial gold rewards, as Supercell has previously done with their popular game, Clash of Clans.


In addition to quests, you will also come across occasional mystery challenges in your Plaza. However, in order to access these challenges, you must first unlock your Plaza by completing the Squad Journey.

By participating in these enigmatic challenges, you will receive cards that can be unveiled. Each time you play a game of Squad Busters and open a chest, you will be granted a card reveal. The majority of the prizes are characters or important items that can be utilized during gameplay, but there are also occasional rewards of gold.

Beginner Quests

The beginner quests in Squad Busters are essentially weekly quests with improved rewards, but they can only be completed once. This quest chain is designed to welcome all new players to the game.

By utilizing all these techniques, the most effective approach to obtain gold is by completing the weekly quests and challenges without fail. It is not necessary to put in excessive playing hours unless desired. By playing consistently, you can complete the Gem Pass and, ultimately, the Squad Journey.

Most Efficient Way to Spend Money in Squad Busters

In case you are interested in investing your hard-earned money in the game, here are the items that offer the best value.

The Gem Pass remains the most valuable product, but its maximum value requires completing the entire pass. Therefore, when making purchases in Squad Busters, finishing the Gem Pass should be your top priority.

To get a little more out of your purchase, consider opting for the Starter Bundles which are priced at approximately one dollar and will help you kickstart your experience. While some of these bundles may advertise a 6x value, the Gem Passes far surpasses them in terms of value, so any purchase made outside of the Gem Pass will have a lower value.

Have some extra money to spare? It would be wise to refrain from purchasing gold directly and opt for the bundles instead. Take advantage of buying all the bundles initially, based on your specific needs. Only when you have exhausted all the bundles should you consider buying gold directly from the shop.

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