SM Entertainment Denies Prostitution Rumors Involving NCT’s Johnny and Haechan in Japan

On the evening of June 4, SM Entertainment issued an official statement addressing the allegations of prostitution and drug use involving NCT’s Johnny and Haechan. These rumors surfaced on the same day and were said to have originated from Japan.

The complete statement is given below:

“Hello, this is SM Entertainment.”

nct haechan-johnny-kim hee chul

Presently, there has been a rampant spread and reproduction of scandalous and inflammatory allegations online regarding Johnny and Haechan’s involvement in prostitution and drug use. After thorough investigation, it has been determined that these rumors are entirely false and constitute a criminal offense that significantly harms the artists’ credibility and image.

Additionally, baseless rumors and spiteful defamation directed towards our artists, such as NCT and Kim Hee-chul, persistently propagate without discrimination.

We have already collected enough evidence regarding multiple posts concerning these issues. We will not show any leniency or agree to any settlement when taking legal action against the perpetrators, regardless of their nationality.

Please note that posting any malicious content, even at present, could result in legal consequences.

“Many thanks.”

Similarly, Heechul from Super Junior, who was also implicated in the rumor, personally refuted the allegations.

The source of this information can be found on Naver at

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