SEVENTEEN’s The8: Victimized by Defamation and Privacy Invasion

On June 2, a video of SEVENTEEN’s The8 at the airport was shared on social media platforms such as X (previously known as Twitter) and Weibo (the most popular social media platform in China). The video was titled “Shanghai Pudong International Airport. The person accused of urinating at Yasukuni Shrine has arrived,”falsely accusing the male idol of an act he did not commit.

Moreover, a separate video featuring The8 garnered attention as well. In the footage, the person recording can be seen approaching the male idol at the airport and attempting to reveal his personal information by filming his passport.

When the person filming noticed the camera holder in question, The8 was observed raising his finger to signal them to stop, which the filmer deemed as “rude”.

Due to this, a multitude of adverse responses regarding the male idol begin to circulate on social media, frustrating fans who had passionately defended him against these malicious efforts to tarnish his reputation.

The complete statement reads as follows:

“In light of recent events, it has come to our attention that certain individuals have been consistently spreading false accusations and targeting our artist Xu Minghao (also known as The8). These individuals have gone as far as manipulating certain video footage and adding malicious captions, which has resulted in serious damage to his reputation.”

To prevent the ongoing dissemination of false information causing doubt and misunderstanding towards Xu Minghao, we would like to issue the following statement:


Xu Minghao’s personal documents are considered confidential information and are protected by law. It is prohibited for anyone to access another person’s private information through leaks, disclosures, or any other means. The intentional act of filming and revealing the artist’s personal documents at the airport is a violation of the law.

Those who have distorted the truth, taken things out of context, and shared false information should cease their actions and delete all inaccurate content without delay.

In light of the actions and messages that have infringed upon our artist’s privacy and caused damage to his reputation, we have collected evidence and retain the right to pursue legal measures against those involved. We also kindly remind the public to uphold public order and respect the privacy and reputation of others, as we strive to cultivate a society and online communities that are courteous and amicable.

The source of the information is Krb, according to a tweet from the official Twitter account for “Star7andthe8″(link:

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