How to Sign Up for Marvel Rivals Closed Beta Playtest

The Marvel Rivals Closed Beta playtest, the newest hero shooter to gain popularity in recent months, is set to launch next month. Fans can sign up to participate in the playtest and experience the game firsthand. Here’s how to join the Marvel Rivals Closed Beta.

How to Sign Up for Marvel Rivals Closed Beta on PC

PC players will be able to access Marvel Rivals through Steam. To become a beta tester, you must visit the official game page on Steam and click the Wishlist button below the game preview to be eligible. Once the closed beta starts in July, you can request access to the playtest. Whether or not you are chosen as a tester will be determined from there.

How to Sign Up for Marvel Rivals Closed Beta on Console

Console players will be required to submit an application form in order to participate. This form will be distributed at the end of June and can be found on Marvel Rivals’ official Discord server. Be sure to join and enable notifications so that you can be among the first to register. The closed beta for Marvel Rivals will be accessible on Xbox Series S|X and PlayStation 5.

Marvel Rivals had a successful closed alpha playtest on May 10, 2024, gaining popularity among its audience and players. The game is now preparing for its closed beta playtest, which will be released in July 2024. The upcoming playtest will include additional regions, platforms, characters, and content, and will allow for cross-play so that players can enjoy the game with their friends on different platforms.

To find out more about the closed beta playtest and to read the recent success of NetEase Games’ latest blog post about the game, visit the official Marvel Rivals website at

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