How to Upgrade Characters in Squad Busters

In Squad Busters, players can enjoy all their favorite characters from Supercell games in one place, but they must first unlock and upgrade them. While obtaining and upgrading these characters may seem complex at first, it becomes more straightforward with practice. This guide will outline the process of upgrading characters and provide an overview of the mechanics involved in obtaining them in Squad Busters.

How to Evolve Characters in Squad Busters

In order to understand character evolutions, it is important to familiarize yourself with the star system in the game. Each character can have a maximum of four stars, with each star representing a different tier level. These tier levels are consistent for all characters and include the following:

  • Baby
  • Classic
  • Super
  • Ultra

To progress through these tiers, you can consider them as levels of evolution. To transform a baby character into a classic version, you will require 10 baby tokens of the same character. From the squad menu, you can then evolve it, resulting in one classic token. To unlock the super evolution of a character, 10 classic tokens are needed. As you can see, the game follows this pattern. In summary, obtaining the ultra version of a character requires 1,000 baby tokens of the same character.

The game is designed in a way that obtaining one without spending money will require months of consistent play and luck.

Tips for Increasing Your Character Count in Squad Busters

Players can unlock certain characters through the Gem Pass, Squad Journey, or beginner challenges. These characters are predetermined, ensuring that all players have the opportunity to obtain new characters, regardless of whether they have made purchases in the game or not.

In addition to the predetermined character unlocks, you will have to acquire the remaining character tokens through chests, the shop, challenges, weekly quests, and the free daily chest in your Plaza.

By collecting just one baby token of a character, you can unlock its usage in-game. Therefore, the more chests you open, the more characters you can discover. To obtain character tokens in the most efficient way, it is recommended to utilize your free chests that automatically open when playing a game of Squad Busters. These chests refresh every three hours and can be stored up to a maximum of three at a time.

If you exhaust your supply of chests, you have the option to use your gold to replenish it and continue playing. This is a wise use of your gold, but it is important to maintain a stockpile of gold as it is not easy to obtain. There may be a valuable upgrade in the daily shop that you want to purchase, but you may not have enough gold. In such cases, buying a character token directly from the shop is the simplest way to unlock a new character, especially if you do not already have that character.

If you are willing to spend a small amount of money, the Gem Pass is highly recommended as it provides a large number of characters, as long as you complete it. Additionally, some characters can be purchased individually for a small fee, although the value for money may not be as significant as the Gem Pass.

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